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How to Automate Your Tweets: 3 Useful Twitter Apps

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There are four options to choose from: Embedded Tweets A great way to showcase your content, expand your reach, and grow your social community is through embedded tweets. These fully functional tweets are displayed on your website or blog, and only require a few feex steps. It also works with tweets that are part of a conversation. We should note that only photos from pic. Need to save time managing social? Click My Recipes to get started. Click on Create a Recipe. Click Create a Recipe. Next, click on the word This and select Twitter as the trigger channel. Choose Twitter as the trigger channel. Select New Tweet by You as the trigger. Choose New Tweet by You as the trigger for this recipe.

You can include retweets and replies, but for now, just focus on tweets.

Click the Create Trigger hwitter. Click Create Trigger. Next, click on That and select Buffer as the action channel. Select Buffer as the action channel.

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Click Add to Buffer. Choose Add to Buffer as the action. Now click Create Action. Click Create Action to activate your recipe. Finally, customize the recipe title if you want and click Create Recipe. When you post something on Twitter, it will automatically be rescheduled on Buffer. Upgrade to a paid Professional account and you can access extra features like enabling automatic follow backs and automatic DMs to new followers — we don't recommend the latter as many people find it annoying. A Professional account also lets you schedule updates to other services including Facebook and LinkedIn.

Updating twitter feed examples Auto

Buffer One of the great things about Twitter is the ability to share things you find on the web — a particularly fascinating TechRadar feature, for example. But if you come across several interesting stories in the course of your surfing it's not good to send out a sudden flurry of tweets all at once. The answer to this problem is Buffer ; it's available as a plug-in for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, as well as apps for Android and iPhone. Using Buffer you can queue up your favourite links to be shared at a later time When you find a webpage you want to share you simply click the Buffer button on your browser toolbar and you can compose a tweet to add to your Buffer feed.

Login via the Buffer website and you can set a schedule of times during the day when your messages will be sent. The site also lets you access analytics information so you can see how many people have clicked your links. Twitterfeed If you have a blog you'll naturally want to update your Twitter followers whenever you make a new post. It's scary giving money where there's no number to call and no live chat. They are my go-to for my WordPress feed needs https: Great work! I am having fun here. Thank you very much guys! Thanks for all the help today. This one is easy to configure and works great.

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