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Facebook Is Testing Its Dating Service. Here’s How It’s Different From Tinder

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But the company plans to stay vigilant in case unexpected forms of abuse or privacy issues emerge. Overall, Facebook managed to pull off Dating without any glaring privacy snafus or other obvious missteps.

It also likely limits the prying eyes of journalists hunting for Facebook policy or privacy screw-ups, and eliminates the risk of disrupting its advertising in more lucrative markets like the U. There are consequences to its experiments. Sharp ran me through the decision making process his team undertook to turn Facebook Dating from a concept into a concrete product. A new profile not your same one, because some people might want to share a different side of themselves or might not publicly disclose their true sexual orientation. The only info ported into Facebook Dating is your first name and age.

You can also specify your height, religion, job title, where you work, where you went to school, and whether you have Faccebook. You Facebpok round out your profile with up to nine total photos or ice-breaker questions provided by Facebook. You can also report and block users with the same tools available elsewhere on the social network. Facebook restricts potential matches to people located less than kilometers away there will be a different metric-system equivalent when the product rolls out in the US. Like other dating apps, you can also choose only to match with people who live nearby, have children, share the same religion, or fit into a specific age or height bracket.

Tinder Facebook online dating

But Facebook Dating will be able to hook into other features on the platform. For example, you can daging to match with people who attend the same Facdbook or who are a part of the same Facebook groups. One important note: By utilizing the trove of data it already has about users, Facebook has the ability to become a powerful player in the online dating space. That dependence may also make them vulnerable as the social giant enters their territory, which is a weakness some companies appear to have been preparing for.

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In May, for example, Tinder said it was testing a new feature called Places, which allows users to match with people who like to hang out at the same spots, like bars, restaurants, or clubs. Once the company thinks it's collected enough profiles, it will start to let people match with each other. Facebook wouldn't reveal exactly how many profiles it initially wants in circulation, or the timeline for matching to begin, but said it Facebook online dating tinder be days or weeks -- and not months. It also didn't say when the service would be opened up to other markets. Here's how it works: The dating feature is part of Facebook's main app and is a free service.

You'll be able to find the feature in Facebook's main menu, next to other services like Groups, Events or Marketplace. Once there, you can create a profile by adding pictures, personal details like location and where you went to school, and answer ice-breakers like "What does your perfect day look like? Now playing: Watch this: Facebook launches Watch Party to binge clips with your Instead, you'll need to scroll down through a person's profile and tap if you're interested. You'll only see people who aren't your Facebook friends, or people who are friends of friends. The assumption is that you already know your friends and this is about taking advantage of the larger Facebook network.

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