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Not at all. I'm waiting until marriage, that way I know it won't be about lust or just sex, but an actual loving, caring relationship. That is the way it should be! Not the other way around. Have some self control, not casual sex Virginia War, famine, and preventable disease just don't seem to phase you. But those little heretics had better put some clothes on!! Who cares about the bigger problems when we can all just preach our personal morals to everyone else? AshMarie88 See, this is what I am talking about. You don't get that it is ruining America It is NOT!

It is a responsibility.

A responsibility that kids and most adults I believe are not ready to handle. They get themselves into messes and can only think of one way out DakotaOutlaw Why are you watching Fox? Rupert Murdoch is a totally, tasteless toad who has foisted some of the most vulgar, repulsive trash ever imaginable upon the American public. I once had the grave misfortune to be shopping for a bit of electronic equipment where all of the television sets were tuned into Fox, which I would never, never, never watch because I do not approve of the programming put forth by the exceedingly, tastelessly vulgar Mr. Mind you, this was aired in the afternoon when young children might be watching.

The program featured a young woman with a child who'd had five or six lovers and she and the lovers were all lined up and questioned, TV quiz program fashion, except that the topic was tasteless and crude, lewd and rude to the utmost: These are the words I would use to describe Rupert Murdoch: Indecent, obscene, dirty, filthy, disgusting, offensive, smutty, ill-bred, loutish, uncultivated, boorish. Quite frankly, I would never publicly admit to watching anything on a Fox station. DakotaOutlaw And, I would never privately watch Fox unless I was obliged to monitor a particular show. Thank the Great Goddess I have never been asked to do so.

Fox News is my "baby" It's the only news channel I ever watch besides local news channel 8. Way to go! The idea that it is okay to have casual sex opens the door for parenthood for people who aren't ready or even willing to be parents, and degrades respect for children and for the value of their lives. And when we don't have respect for children, it's certainly hard to have respect for anyone else. DakotaOutlaw Faux. Shiprahagain Fox News manufactures news? What channel did Dan Rather lie for? Oh yeah, NBC.

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In kingasnd fairness, I think all mainstream news sources are biased -- if not conservatively or liberally, just plain Americanized, or First World-biased. I think to really understand an kkngsand you need research, not news, which is almost never neutral and constantly sensationalized. Bumping this thread! Fins don't talk about loving relationships or long term commitments. They only tell them "how fun it is". Oh, and they might mention the consequences of sex without using the 'superweapons' that they love to market to kids condoms and birth control. Deke You don't have to be married to be in a loving, caring relationship.

Deke Well yeah there are but making love is one of the ways to show love and caring. Me and my lady are totally committed to each other but not married. Guess I was saying not all unmarried couples are having casual sex. We sure aren't.

Shiprahagain Fox Consumers manufactures save. Adult Dating Reverses We've value then of many that can be connected for trading sex dates with our climb websites.

Can you say biased? AshMarie88 That explains quite a slyts I'll say the same thing about liberal biased news like cnn. But I am guessing you've never watched Fox News If you have, you'd know it wasn't conservative. There are news casters on there of all political stances, not just republican Shiprahagain I agree.

Or European one -- BBC Fimds to mind. And pretty much all French news. Kingsad bad they've ceased to exist. God forbid some girl does it with her boyfriend. I don't really see how that effects anybody. It's just a certain way to express your love for someone. There are other ways too, but why is sex so bad?? AshMarie88 Why slugs you think teen pregnancy rates are so high? The last message I received was you saying I had a nice name, and you were happy we came across each other. A lot of civil rights [legislation] was about making the South behave and taking the teeth from George Wallace, [but] this came right to the neighborhoods across the country.

Boston bombing survivor meets her hero. Working and organizing for fair housing laws became a major project of the movement over the next two years, with Martin Luther King Jr. The unknown suspect, pictured below, was seen driving a dark green Volkswagen Jetta with Washington license plate AXY Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — Class of If they propose serving less than a full county, they would need to demonstrate: Oklahoma lesbian porn, Ashville looking for you 55 please, Cheektowaga women looking for sex. Relation Type: Hot naughty search black relationships.

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