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It seemed obligatory in the late 's, when HIV-AIDS was not well understood and the death toll was rising, to include as much knowledge as possibly about the disease and ways to reduce personal risk, but this information definitely reflects the state of knowledge at that time. I've been told that "The Calyx of Isis" is the real deal, and the heart of this collection. Califia can work up a kinky-hot-sex scene, but doesn't seem to know how to wrap up a story. And, to her credit, she never embarrasses herself, even while having sex in a position where she resembles a webbed folding chair.

Night puts on a good show and never asks me to think too deeply about his Nerd Studies philosophical conundrums. The Afterword: He obsesses not over a legendary shark or white whale, but a near-mythical tuna; having a near-psychotic yen for the tuna that got away feels more SpongeBob than Ahab. Still later: Finally on to the meat of the matter: Matthew plays the hard-drinking skipper of a fishing boat on the strangely isolated Plymouth Island, which resembles Margaritaville crossed with an Epcot Hemingwayland—think tropical breezes, decorative fishing buoys, and Viagra-ad sunsets.

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Will definitely re-read. Well, then you just have to take a look at Stiletto Girl. Calyx of Isis: They are hot enough to drive any person addicted to the look and feel of nylon crazy.

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