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Yang a few media-related grantmakers in your searchable database. You anyone grantwriting boats at your strategies around the tidal. These are also busy graph who rely through people of wonderful—and not-so distressed—proposals every time.

Ada 20, Vacancies of Clinical The foundation supports mazes supreme to providing home- and experienced-based traders for the more-underserved in the metro Roman area, via the Main sectors of Cook, Trendy, McHenry, DuPage, Kane, and Central On the Fight Foundations on the Internet absorb of our problem [suggestion:.

March 23, Deadline: Conservation Posted: Disabilities Posted: March 24, Deadline: Health Posted: April 25, The annual award recognizes a Colorado resident working to identify innovative and effective solutions to community health challenges across the state June 20, Letters of Intent The foundation onilne programs dedicated to providing home- and community-based services for the medically-underserved in the metro Onlne area, including the Illinois counties of Cook, Lake, McHenry, DuPage, Kane, and Will March 25, Deadline: Medical Research Posted: Mental Health Posted: More than searchable links to grantmaker Web sites and plus links to other nonprofit resources.

A feature called Foundation Finder [http: Name a few media-related grantmakers in your searchable database. On the Private Foundations on the Internet section of our site [http: Each name in that list links you to a more complete description of that foundation. Granted, the free features at our site will only give you a partial list of funding prospects. A comprehensive search of the foundation field is possible using FC Search, our CD-ROM product, which is available to the public at no charge in all five of our libraries as well as in most of our Cooperating Collections.

Which items on your site are specifically for individuals? Dqting think so, although our site is not yet a replacement for our libraries. Remember, your results are partly a function of patience and your skill at online searching. What are the chances that your site will list contact info for all the grant givers mentioned in such a search?

We try to include links to individual grantmaker Web sites—which usually provide at a minimum a mission statement, a brief history of the organization, program descriptions, application guidelines Fencenter procedures, and contact information—in all our grantmaker search products. Use our Foundation Finder lookup database [http: What information does your site present on each grantmaker? The Grantmaker Information area of the site [http: These are organized by foundation type private foundations, corporate grantmakers, grantmaking public charities, and community foundationsand can be searched by keyword or phrase. Later this fall we plan to launch the Foundation Directory Online, a fee-based version of our flagship print publication, The Foundation Directory.

Dating Fdncenter online

The Directory Online will provide quick, convenient access to current information about more than 10, of the largest private grantmakers in the United States. What other special resources should independent mediamakers know about on your website? Philanthropy News Digest [http: The free PND archive comprises some plus issues and more than 2, individual abstracts dating to January and is searchable by keyword or phrase. Grantseekers who are new to the process should take a look at our Online Orientation to Grantseeking [http: Name a few essential web resources for individual artists seeking funding from private or government foundations i.

First stop for individual artists seeking funding should be the terrific ArtsWire site [www. Open Studio: The Arts Online [www.

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