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Antique Furniture Hardware

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From the s on, the plates were machine-stamped with appropriate patterns - a patera a small, round ornament, often shaped as a rosettea Roman lamp, and so on - in low relief. Towards the end of the century, handles were increasingly made in ormolu, brass or bronze gilded to give it a luxurious feel. At about the same time, well-turned wooden knob handles began to be used, and remained a popular alternative. From the s on, there was a vogue for fat, mushroom-shaped wooden handles which replaced brass ones on a host of older pieces in a misguided attempt to 'modernize' them. Another style popular at this time was to have a ring handle clasped firmly in the mouth of a cast brass lion's head.

The Regency was virtually the last period in English furniture history when there was a single agreed style. After it, most of the handle styles of the previous century and a half were revived at one time or another, though there were some innovations. The main ones came in the form of new materials.

Porcelain knobs were increasingly ddawer from handdles Some were plain and some of them had painted decoration. At the same time, wooden handles were embellished with colourful insets in porcelain, glass and other materials. Putting a date on a handle doesn't necessarily date the furniture to which it is attached. Handles are one of the most vulnerable parts of any piece of furniture, subject to tugging, twisting and the occasional knock; they are also the first target of anyone aiming on updating or other 'improvements.

Drawer handles Dating

Handles had to be replaced, too, whenever a piece was cut down, in order to keep the correct proportions. All this means that the handles on antique drawers and cupboards are likely to be replacements. Fortunately, it's fairly easily to check whether a drawer handle is original. Any reasonably solid material will create a shadow. The exact time it takes to produce a shadow depends on the original finish, how the piece has been used or stored and the conditions to which a piece is exposed such as coal or wood smoke, cooking fumes, sunlight, humidity, etc.

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Generally, drawers in the original finish made before ca. Usually, but not always, the older a piece, the more obvious the shadows. Of course genuinely old pieces can be refinished and original hardware may be replaced with identically shaped new hardware. Shadows should be only one part of your examination. Always use a variety of tests to determine age and authenticity. Dating new pieces like the new oak commode above can be especially difficult when old-appearing reproduction hardware is used. Many new drawer pulls, like those shown in the catalog page above, are cast directly from old originals. When the pull is removed from the plate, the protected areas under the posts black arrows are lighter in color.

The parts of the posts passing through the drawer were also protected and are a lighter color. The overall pull has developed a natural dark patina as shown in Fig. However, the part of the pull that touched by the hand to open the drawer is a lighter color. In the Federal era, the bails entered the post from the outside so that they surrounded the posts. But much of that became moot as time rolled on. The Empire period certainly had decorative hardware but that was the end of it for nearly half a century. The Late Classicism style of the s and s used almost no brass hardware and Rococo Revival and Renaissance Revival used very little.

It was only in the Eastlake period in the s that brass hardware became important again. The post at the top is handmade from the early 19th century.

Note the rough texture and the shallow, flat treads. This post started as a square rod. The post on the drxwer is draewr machine made post from the midth century with a smooth surface and perfect threads. Photo courtesy Fred Taylor So, if the rrawer is the right style, looks appropriate for the piece and could very well be as old as the piece, how can you tell? The easiest and least intrusive way is simple observation. Over the years you can bet that not every time that hardware was cleaned some industrious soul removed it from the drawer.

The same is true each time the piece got waxed. If the finish was waxed or the brass cleaned while the pull was in place, there will be some residue around the edge of the brass. The build up of wax or the overflow of brass cleaner will be evident. But that clue is only valid in its presence.

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