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We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. Do you already have iTunes? Click I Have iTunes to open it now. By David Tian Ph. To listen to an audio podcast, mouse over the title and click Play. Open iTunes to download and subscribe to podcasts. The DTPHD Podcast is where success oriented people, just like you, come to learn about cutting pleaser research and developments in the social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and technology and how they affect and can improve our day to day lives. This show will help you Dating a pleaser. modern mating explained 4 the achiever your relationships, give you higher performance at work, increase your knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and investing, aid you to become a better networker and social connector, deepen your emotional connections, discover your true self, find your life purpose, and become a better thinker overall.

Subscribe now. Show Notes are available at: Otherwise, no. So, question? Oh, yeah? David Tian: And then you find this out, so then every girl that you find chemistry with, you should just run from? It takes time because sometimes things trigger you and you go back to it. That made it very easy for me to have casual relationships. But it also meant that it would trigger her abandonment issues from her father, which she had. This was a familiar feeling with her, so repetition compulsion now kicks in. What would happen is if I was a real bad boy, I would never settle down.

Makes sense? You following so far? I actually prioritize my highest need, love, and used to be significance. Like I said, and I want to do a whole podcast where all I do is repeat the same phrase, basically the same message over and over. Why the fuck do you think it would be easy to find your wife? Nice and get your attention. You all think it should be easy for you to attract a girl. If you are emotionally healthy, you should be super picky. Your standards are too fucking low, not too high. Beauty is common. But it is. They keep looking for intelligent women or not educated. Just go to fucking Harvard campus. Go to Boston. If you happen to live or work in a model agency, you will never think that beauty is rare.

She gets half of your assets, of your entire life, not just the business. But like, the same with relationships. It would be better for you, again, to lose the girl by being your true self than to get the girl by being your false self. I keep emphasizing, it would be best for you to split apart the sex drive and the ego stroke. And so, you know, this is a decent looking girl. And now she wants to meet again, so I meet again. And then she wants to meet again the next week, so I get nothing else going on. And then fast forward a year and a half and the whole thing falls apart because the standards were too low.

But from an evolutionary perspective, well, maybe you just need to go to a more liberal place and find more liberal women who just want other fuck buddies themselves. More and more women are taking on male mating strategies. So back to it, right? He learns to be a predator. He learns to trigger these things in other people. Who reacts to that? Two types: The acquired predator needs someone more narcissistic to feel fulfilled and to feel chemistry. They need someone more narcissistic, more selfish, and more emotionally manipulative than themselves.

When they were fixers, it was easy to find people more selfish than themselves.

Because everybody was taken from them. It was easy for them to find chemistry at all different levels of narcissism, from the mild to recluse neurotic relation pure. But now, acquired predators are higher up the predatory ladder themselves. So, the only people who can now generate chemistry for them are pure predators, natural predators, the more dangerous ones. An acquired predator, when he comes into a relationship with a pure predator will eventually crumble over time. The acquired predators eventually fall into a vicious cycle that is even worse than before. You might see this sometimes in the comments in Man Up. Bang the bitch and drop her, pump and dump!

You think that you got something from her that she cared about, her pussy. Bang the hoe and go. If you have feelings for her in any way, because you actually got attached to her. The sex to her is a throwaway. It comes from taking all of these other energies from him: Did you have a question? What defines these labels, like predator? What would be the characteristics? Oh, boy. I covered it all. Versus someone who is not a predator? Yeah, I covered this earlier. At the extreme end, what is it? It depends on how you define sociopath. So, when I say predator, I actually mean a mean narcissist. Those are the nice guys who are starting out in game. The narcissism is more important than predator.

Predator is just a nice word that I use to wake up your imagination. The harmless narcissist is the guy who begins game. Stay away from that guy. So, watch out. Watch out for Talented Mr. You might have created a shark, because they were starting out already craving attention, admiration and approval. But they were always narcissists, the co-dependent. And the extreme version is a predator with no conscience.

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They even blame themselves a matng more than regular fixers. How can I improve myself? Tell me so I can do it. Morern is a perfect exploitation device for compensatory narcissists. Remember that myth I talked about earlier, the third myth. They think that the good interactions are solely the responsibility of the man. Who was it? Oh, yeah, right. Get it? Why would you get mad at me? David, man. Good to see you again. Who the fuck are you? So, who the fuck are you? So, let that sit. You can sit this drama happening in the PUA world over the years, all the infighting. Simple as that. What do you got? Now, there might be some people who do who generally have social anxiety.

Then why is it your job? Let it sink in now. How fast? Makes sense, right? Because you just thought that this was the norm. So, you end up being the bad player in the game. Now, you learn to manipulate people so now you can fuck around with people. Anyways, so then you figure out pick up and you learn that as a technique. Entertain me now. Tell me about it. I just gave away a little thing. What happens?

So, what seems is the forward-up, the game, storms over the symptoms of the narrowing by selecting as a new. But now, attractive predators are predetermined up the maximum ladder themselves. Beneath the thousands of people he receives each receiver, Dr.

I mean, some guys will never be able to do this tactic because they have so much inner conflict in their pleaser. You can meet one by becoming a guy who blames himself even more than your average fixer for the interaction. And the PUA would attract the type of woman who blames others more than your average 44. Not for me. Achieger got to go and write a moder report so I can moderh out what went wrong, so I can learn that skill set of whatever it is. Transitioning, or is it texting, where did it go wrong? The predator who blames others even more than the mild predator. Who is that? The natural pure predator. Okay, so what do you do? Deep emotional awareness. And then self-awareness and self-acceptance, but then go deeper.

How do you go deeper? You got to do the grief work. Most of the people I meet are in denial. The second stage is anger. Once you start learning about what happened to you, you start to become angry. There are a lot of guys I work with on Skype one-on-one coaching who are afraid to show me their anger. Show me the hulk. Come on. Show me what you really feel. Like, you know, why are we on this call then? The first emotion that will come out is going to be anger. Denial, anger, bargaining, leading eventually to depression.

Depression is an obstacle to the way. Well, obstacle that is the way. And then finally teh acceptance, and then gratitude, and then growth. But if I did, it would awake that part of me that would not help me right now. And then of course, all of the typical player things, right? Like all the rebel behaviors. On top of this, here are some things you should be doing along the way: Meditation is helpful to everybody without exception. When I make a school, I will have meditation for all the years-old and up. And then physiology.

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