Updating excel pivot table and report filter

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Create Multiple Pivot Table Reports with Show Report Filter Pages

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In tabel example we want to create one pivot table for each salesperson in the organization. So, we are going to add the Salesperson field to repogt Filters Area of the pivot table. This allows us to filter the entire pivot table for a single sales person. Check out my videos series on pivot tables and dashboards for more on how to use pivot tables. I also have a article on how pivot tables work that explains the Filters Area in detail. Select any cell inside the pivot table.

Click Updaating drop-down arrow to the right of the Options Updatint on the left side. Click the Show Repodt Filter Pages… button. Select the field to create the reports on Then press Repprt. A worksheet will be created for each item in the list with a pivot table twble is filtered ;ivot that item. The worksheet will also be renamed to match the item name. In this example, if we were to add data past Row 51 or Column I our pivot table would not include it in the results. To create and name your table. Select your data. Press the OK button. With the active cell inside the table, go to the Table Tools Design tab. Change the Table Name under the Properties section and press Enter.

Now when you create a pivot table you can reference it with a name instead of a range. Just refresh it and the new data will appear in your results. Select your pivot table and go to the Analyze tab and press the Change Data Source button then select Change Data Source from the menu. Undock the PivotTable Fields Window To undock the PivotTable Fields window pane hover your mouse cursor over the title until it turns into a four way arrow, then right click and drag it to your desired location. You can either leave it floating somewhere in the spreadsheet or dock it to the left side by dragging it to the very left edge. Quickly Dock the PivotTable Fields Window To quickly dock the PivotTable Fields window pane hover your mouse cursor over the title until it turns into a four way arrow, then double right click.

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It will dock to the last docked location either to the right or left side. You can also close the window using the X in the upper right corner. You can also show or hide the PivotTable Fields window with a right click anywhere inside your pivot table then select Show Field List or Hide Field List depending on the current state of your PivotTable Fields window. There are five different available options you can select from. You can change this to show in alphabetical order A to Z if you prefer. Left click on the options menu in the PivotTable Fields window to access the option. Select the Sort A to Z option in the menu.

Items you select in the filter are displayed in the PivotTable, and items that are not selected will be hidden. If you want to display filter pages the set of values that match the selected report filter items on separate worksheets, you can specify that option. Add a report filter Click anywhere inside the PivotTable. The Updating excel pivot table and report filter Fields pane appears. You can repeat this step to create more than one report filter. Report filters are displayed above the PivotTable for easy access. To change the order of the fields, in the Filters area, you can either drag the fields to the position that you want, or double-click on a field and select Move Up or Move Down.

The order of the report filters will be reflected accordingly in the PivotTable. In the Layout tab, specify these options: In Report Filter area, in the Arrange fields list box, do one of the following: Here is a link to the page Clear a Report Filter When you've finished analyzing the filtered data in a pivot table, you can clear the Report Filters, to see all the data again. In the pivot table, click on the drop down arrow for a Report Filter. Click Allto remove the filter criteria, and show all the data. If other Report Filters have criteria applied, follow the same steps to clear their criteria.

However, when you apply a different filter, the first filter is removed. Watch this video to see how you can apply multiple pivot table filters at the same time. With this technique, you can use a Label filter, Value filter and Manual filter simultaneously, to fine tune your pivot table reports. Here is a link to the page Report Filters are Not Dependent The Report Filters are not dependent, so items that you select in one Report Filter will not affect the items available in any other Report Filters. For example, in the pivot table shown below, East has been selected from the Region drop down.

However, all the cities show up in the item list for the City Report Filter. If you select a city that's not in the East region, like Seattle, the pivot table won't show any records. In this animated screen shot, the Product field is filtered, when the Spin Button arrows are clicked. This example is in the Download section below -- look for the sample named Pivot Spinner Table Filter. Then, add the following macro ChangeFilter to your workbook, in a regular code module.

Filter table Updating and report pivot excel

This code gets the name of the current item selected in the pivot table, and selects that item in the table's Product column. Change Related Filter This macro prevents the pivot table data from disappearing, when the Report Filter selections are changed. There are related filters -- Quarters and Months. This technique could be used for other types of related filters, such as Category and Product, or Region and City. What the Change Related Filter Macro Does In this sample code, when you select a month from the report filter, the Quarters filter automatically changes, to show the quarter for the selected month.

Otherwise, all the values might temporarily disappear from the pivot table, if the selected quarter did not match the selected month. If you select a different Quarter, the Months filter automatically changes to " All ". The Change Related Filter Macro Code To add this code to your workbook, copy the code below, and paste it onto your pivot table's worksheet code module.

If necessary, change the field names in the code, to match the field names in your pivot table. ClearAllFilters pfM. CurrentPage End If exitHandler: This macro automates that command, and adds a prefix to each sheet's name.

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