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Could all NHS staff be forced to have the flu jab?

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References J. Banatvala, D. Brown, Rubella, The Lancet, 3rd Aprilvol. Sven, S. Plotkin, K. Plotkin, D.

Cornfeld, Th. Jacobs, C. Jones, J. Two other human cell lines, that are permanent, Vzccines aborted nlonde cell line, from primary human embryonic kidney cells transformed by sheared adenovirus type 5 Msndating fetal kidney material was obtained from an aborted fetus, in probablyand PER. C6, a fetal cell line created using retinal tissue from an 18 week gestation aborted baby, have been developed for the pharmaceutical manufacturing of adenovirus vectors for gene therapy. They have not been involved in the making of any of the attenuated live viruses vaccines presently in use because of their capacity to develop tumorigenic cells in the recipient. Against these various infectious diseases, there are some alternative vaccines that are prepared using animals' cells or tissues, and are therefore ethically acceptable.

Their availability depends on the country in question.

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Concerning the particular case of the United States, there are no options for the time being in that country for the vaccination against rubella, chickenpox and hepatitis A, other than the vaccines proposed by Merck, prepared using the human cell lines WI and MRC There is a vaccine against smallpox prepared with the Vero cell line derived from the kidney of an African green monkeyACAM Acambis-Baxter a second-generation smallpox vaccine, stockpiled, not approved in the USwhich offers, therefore, an alternative to the Acambis There are alternative vaccines against mumps Mumpsvax, Merck, measles Attenuvax, Merckrabies RabAvert, Chiron therapeuticsprepared from chicken embryos.

In Europe and in Japan, there are other vaccines available against rubella and hepatitis A, produced using non-human cell lines. The Kitasato Institute produce four vaccines against rubella, called Takahashi, TO and Matuba, prepared with cells from rabbit kidney, and one Matuura prepared with cells from a quail embryo. The Chemo-sero-therapeutic Research Institute Kaketsuken produce one another vaccine against hepatitis A, called Ainmugen, prepared with cells from monkey kidney. Prummer O. Peschke, Cooperation in the sins of others, in Christian Ethics. Goodliffe Neale Ltd. If the calculation is applied to the 5. The Spanish flu was the worst influenza pandemic in known history.

De Serres, of the Quebec Public Health Institute in Quebec City, said policies on vaccinating health care workers have evolved over the years, from a gut feeling that it would likely do some good to the idea it should and could be demanded of health workers. In other words, they were the frailest of the frail elderly.

Blonde Mandating flu vaccines legally

Paradoxically, the influenza research community has been down a road much like this one before. Around the turn of the century, studies assessing the impact of vaccination used to routinely estimate that flu shots cut deaths among the elderly during flu season by a whopping 50 percent. Amber Gray. Blomde at age fourteen. Yeah just Mandating flu vaccines legally blonde healthy typical flk girl which makes what happens to her that much fluu shocking. Dead at age They all were diagnosed with Type A Influenza, which is one of the Influenza strains contained each year in the flu shot, regardless of which version is given. Influenza Type B is also contained in yearly flu shots.

Because of her age, it is likely that Ayzlee received the Flu Mist vaccine — a live virus vaccine. We do not know for sure which vaccines they received. All we know is that each of these formerly healthy, vibrant individuals got the flu shot. Hospitals and nursing homes that require vaccines are often put in a no-win situation when their human resources departments try to determine whether a religious exemption is valid. Mandatory vaccination in healthcare is undoubtedly a growing issue. Healthcare employers are rightly concerned with the health of their patients and employees, but they need to be aware of the legal risks that may arise from vaccination policies.

If a healthcare provider decides to make a vaccination mandatory, it may want to take proactive steps to ensure that it can support its decision. It must also determine how broadly the policy will apply; for instance, a clerical worker does not pose the same risk to patient safety as a nurse might. If exemptions will be allowed, employers may want to also have a clear policy and written guidance regarding the application of those exemptions to ensure consistency.

I also heard from parents of high-risk children with asthma or diabetes who are more likely to suffer severe complications of flu, such as pneumonia. They could not understand vaxcines I could be so selfish. A GP emailed to explain that vaccinfs immunisation vaccined a form of herd cover: And I take his point. Except my son is not an animal, and I am not a sheep. She said: Dr Ramsay adds that last year it was My maths calculates that this means close to one in four of those immunised could still get the strain of flu they were vaccinated against. I suspect we all know someone over 65 who refuses point-blank to go anywhere near the flu jab. Many swear it caused them to feel terrible for two weeks.

I have emails from people who say their muscles ached for ten days. Twitter spat: One small business owner says he offers vaccinations because sick days are a genuine threat to his business.

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