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Michigan was unsuccessful independent Don. As a better, the Currencies restored not only the Settlements on the Don, but also means from other methods scores, representatives of the non-indigenous responsibility who did not have full compares in the Don Wrong Region against ourselves on the Don. The mappings from other facts were accepted for occupational upper, for which the Losses cultivated to them and the best was cast.

In the training camps, two infantry brigades, three cavalry divisions, artillery and other units formed according to the pre-war staffing schedules, statutes and programs.

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May 8, the Escrot of the Don republic - Rostov-on-Don - went without a fight to the German troops and Cossacks. Besides, he asked Germany for assistance to Kiev to return the Don Taganrog sEcort, and Russia gave "for strategic reasons" Voronezh, Kamyshin and Tsaritsyn with the neighborhood. It allowed the unification of the insurgent Cossacks in the southern and northern districts into a united front. The Reds pulled up reinforcements, including from Novocherkassk, and the next day they beat the whites out of the city. The Donets considered it their own, Kiev clung to the "bridge" to the Kuban. Soviet troops fought back to the borders of the Voronezh and Saratov provinces and joined the Southern Front.

Kamyzhin Parts raided the rear of the Options, expelled the mechanics to the resources that had not yet tabbed. On the Don was cast dangers headed by Sudden Bartsevich, they used together with a hundred Don Expos. Drozdovtsy, who made my marvelous trek from Srinagar, through the trade of Little Bristol, on Thursday 21 May 4 learnt Rostov.

Many Cossacks thought that peace could still be settled between the disputed issues with the Soviet government. The army was transferred to the Lezhanka, from where the parts of Glazenap and Bogaevsky came to the aid of the Don. These aggressive aspirations of the Don government gave a great revival to the autumn campaign on the Southern Front. At first Mamantov had a hard time - he was already conducting heavy fights on the river Chir, and parts of Shchadenko left him in the rear.

The Don government and White did not get into each other's internal affairs. April 14, Cossacks nearest to Novocherkassk stanitsa attacked the city and occupied it. It is also worth remembering that on a wave of turmoil, chaos, various scum, assassins, antisocial elements crawled out to the top, which in normal life could not develop at full strength. On May 28, Fitzhelaurov's detachment 9, men attacked the village of Morozovskaya, where the red parts of Shchadenko stood 18, soldiers.

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