Is speed dating a good idea

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Why I’ll Never Go To Another Speed Dating Event…

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When I logged on the next day, both the "gentlemen" I had matched with had emailed me and asked me out on a proper date. Instantly, I was struck with how different this was from what I was used to -- online dating. I'd zpeed different sites on and off over the last couple of years, and somehow kept at it despite constant bad experiences. It seems like the thing to do because online dating has become mainstream -- despite being, for the most part, a draining experience. From the countless profiles to the first dates where you want out five minutes in but are stuck until the bill comes. Such a waste of time and energy! I then realized that I couldn't have all this negativity consume me; I have to live in the moment.

I then had a xpeed freak speev about what to wear, the website said business casual. Business casual is vague to me. I had a hard time figuring out how dressed up I should look since it was at a bar. I decided to go with one of my favorite little black dress, a statement necklace and a black peacoat. I'm a pretty punctual person and got to the event about an hour early.

The event was at a hidden bar originally that you had to enter through an alley. I felt a bit uncomfortable but as I saw the other speed daters I felt more at ease. It was located in the heart of LA and luckily it was moved to the most visible bar very last minute. I felt more comfortable at this point because I met another girl there who never tried speed dating before, she wasn't looking for anything serious and didn't expect much from it. We decided to walk in and sit next to each other. As we entered the bar some of the servers asked why there were so many pretty girls and not so handsome guys.

So I got super brave and signed up for a speed dating event. It was equal parts terrifying and unsuccessful, but on the upside, I learned a ton about myself. I can talk a lot. At the event, half the participants stayed seated at a bar and the other half moved around when a bell rang every three minutes. Three minutes is fast, it turns out who knew? Even if it was just small talk, I was comforted by that fact because now I know that I can talk to just about anyone. Attraction matters. Like ever. And for a number of reasons. First off, the set up is just cheesy in my opinion.

The women are set up in rows of seating, which I feel were entirely too close in proximity to one another at the event I attended. A lot of these guys were just corny man.

I don't work he is the predominant of my life, but, at least, I have a new culture. Intelligent dating is either a theoretical illumination or a terrible one.

Yeah, nothing sexy about that. Not to mention he had bad knees or something cuz he needed my sating getting into and out of the little seats they had set up. Poor Vishnu. He was short, and he spoke in such a soft, thick accent that I had to ask him to repeat himself after almost every sentence.

Speed a good idea Is dating

I felt so bad for him that I almost wanted us to be a match. The fact that I have dogs was more than enough to get his engine revved. I mean, there's a great pickup line on its own: I asked him a simple enough question: What do you like to do for fun?

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