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He stands up, stark naked, and says to the assembled crew, "Would somebody please mind telling me exactly what's happening Huomrous here? What's a defabricator? Advertisement 6 Buffy the Humoroud Slayer - "Bewitched, Bothered and Huomrous Some inadvisable spellcasting turns Buffy into a rat and, as the situation works itself out, she transforms back - sans clothes - in front of Oz. He is, however, wearing a shirt, so we may be stretching things a bit here. Viewers tune in to see home improvement projects turned into slapstick comedy, men doing flips onto and breaking pool tables, the dresses of women flapping in the breeze to reveal their scanty underwear, and every possible way a man can get hit in the groin.

Okay, defabricator, does exactly what it says on the tin.

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Thanks CraigimusMax! Advertisement 9 The Hunger Games: Jack Harkness: Zu-Zana, Trine-e: Referencing Botticelli's famous painting, she emerges naked from a gigantic clamshell, complete with tresses of strategically positioned hair. But Nathan soon blindsides him and proceeds to Do we need to make fun of people to be funny? Catching Fire Johanna Mason strips down in an elevator, prompting varied reactions from those around her. And poor Sergeant Benton gets turned into a baby, which a group of hapless scientists try to bottlefeed and so on.

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So the roommate, wearing the Jaguar costume, gets herself a television appearance, not realizing that the costume magically appears on the real Jaguar whenever there's trouble. The Jaguar is an old Archie Comics superhero with animalistic powers. Some families may find the show funny, and some won't -- you may want to tune in before you share with your kids. Advertisement 10 Misfits - 'Two' Nathan has met a great girl named Ruth and even manages to kiss her — only for her attention to stray when Jeremy, his mum's well-endowed boyfriend, runs past them naked. Advertisement 14 The X-Files - "Je Souhaite" This episode puts together an inspired invisibility gag after a pair of dimwitted brothers encounter a genie.

The actor who was supposed to do that scene was sick, so Adams volunteered to risk hypothermia.

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