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Novena Hotel Watampone Reviews

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The lady said she was goin to check first and tell me soon, but she never did get back to me, until I left. If you wish to learn more about the exact scope of services provided by Novena Hotel by Azana Watampone including those available for an extra fee or about the equipment of the rooms, you can find the complete list on the information sheet below. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, ensuring optimal room temperature in all types of weather. Please select a date to see the proper prices!

Spoken languages: Arrival, opening hours The earliest time to check in to your room is Drugs Indonesia has a zero-tolerance policy towards drugs and there have been many high-profile arrests and convictions.

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Therefore it becomes so crowd and noisy. In case you'd like to have a meal or a drink on the spot, you will be provided freshly prepared dishes in the restaurant every day. Deaths and injuries do happen — especially on Bali and the Gilis — when unscrupulous vendors substitute arak for other spirits like vodka, gin or whisky. Indonesian, English Description of the accommodation: Since the hotel have a karaoke club, lounge, and also the rooftop bar Please indicate your chosen period to be able to see the exact prices and available room types!

Petty theft occurs, but it is not prevalent. Its very noisy, you can literally hear the music from the club in your room.

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