How to hook up sylvania portable dvd player to tv

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Question about connecting a portable dvd player to a tv

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Use the best choice for your type of TV.

If you have an HDMI connector, that will give you the best picture and sound. Depending on your setup, you may need to use a composite dcd instead, which dvc the one with the red, white, and yellow plugs on each end. Whichever cable you use, plug one end into the DVD player, and the other into the corresponding port in the TV. If you are using the composite cable, plug the other end of the cord into the terminals on the DVD player marked Line Out. Be sure to insert the plugs into the terminals with corresponding colors.

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The red and white plugs are poetable sound, the yellow is for video. Plug the DVD player's power cord into an electrical outlet in the wall. The yellow connector is for the video signal. The red connector is for the left audio channel.

White cable is for the right audio channel. Follow the instructions below. Connect yellow cable to the playsr connector on the back of your player. Connect the other end of this yellow cable to a connector of the same color at the back of your TV. Do the same for red and while cables. Switch your TV to AV mode. Many TV sets have the jacks color-coded in yellow, white and red. Buy a converter if the TV set does not have the now-standard input jacks.

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Retailers, such as Radioshack, carry a selection see Resources below. Many older televisions do not have these input jacks, and they may instead have a coaxial cable link that requires a coaxial cable converter in order to receive signals from your portable DVD player. If you are unsure of what type of connecting cable to use to hook up your DVD player, consult a sales clerk at your local electronics store. Locate the output jacks on the portable DVD player.

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