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The Scheme lf its associated Government Circulars can be downloaded from this page. Here you can enjoy the same great location on our working farm, nestled under Peel Hill with its spectacular views north and south along the west coast of the Isle of Man, and eastwards across the central valley to Douglas.

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Give Us Your Views. Definition of agriculture Agriculture means: Examples of on-farm enterprises which might be expected to occur within an agricultural business are: The windows look into our barn where the animals spend the night! The back door opens onto the paddock with the Wigwams and playground. However, it is expected that a significant minority of any individual agricultural business may consist of diversified commercial enterprises which are undertaken on-farm and complement the conventional enterprises.

Cancellation Policy In the event of cancellation, your initial deposit is non-returnable. The 2 toilets and showers are in the room below. The Department would not support any specific elements of activity that would be eligible for support from other Government organisations or Departments.

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