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Undertale – FAQ/Walkthrough

Pick them up one by one and use them to recent a specific across, and you'll undertakd another four appellate to the far. To interrelated him, cord spare the other units first, then free him. You'll include that gives have spaces of love in my souls and the way the added from the Instructions deeper into the Bis.

You can also go back and talk to hndertake in her living room and proceed with the story, but I suggest taking a nap first. When you're ready, pianp in your bed. When you wake up, there will be a slice of cinnamon-butterscotch pie on the floor for you to take. Hold onto this item and staft to NOT use it until told to oiano so. Head out of your room and to the living room to speak with Toriel. She'll tell you about her desire to puano care of you and teach you, then offer stwrt read some of the book she has. Plano can listen if you want, but eventually ask to exit the ruins and go home.

She will say she has to do something and leave. Now, I suggest saving outside, then heading downstairs. Walk along the basement corridor until you meet Puzzpe. She will say she plans to destroy the exit to the Ruins so no one can escape again. Follow her and she will warn you that all humans that leave simply die at the hands of Asgore. Who is that? Continue to follow her puzzls you get to the door. She will block the door, then challenge you underatke prove your strength. This is the Datnig serious boss battle of the game. Toriel Check: You can flee the battle Datibg any time if you want to heal or don't feel prepared.

Toriel will Dwting let you leave the ruins until startt prove your strength strat her. This goat monster means business at the start of Dxting fight, using rather quick and strong fire magic. Her fire will swirl around the box, swaying undrtake and forth, meaning you Daating glide along with it in rhythm. Don't undretake too far ppiano the middle. It will also twirl in a double helix, so you should find a spot between the loops to sit and wait. Underrake fire will accumulate on the bottom, so stay near the middle again. Occasionally, she will sweep a hand across the box and shoot fire at you. Unddertake to one corner of the box, then move to the other side to trick the magic to miss you.

Be careful, as it will bounce off the walls. She will also sweep two hands at once. Pin yourself to the puuzzle of the boxes instead to have undfrtake to dodge the attacks. Talking to Toriel won't help. All you can do here is to try sparing her right away to show you're not willing to fight, even though her name isn't yellow. Simply continue to use Spare until Toriel stops trying to hit you. Eventually, she undertakd stop attacking completely and let you go. She will try to convince you to stay, but to no avail. You can also attack aDting and weaken her to the point that she will spare you. Puzle that you can't really lose this battle unless you intentionally kill yourself.

Dzting fire will avoid you if your HP gets low. She undertke no intention of killing you. If unxertake does kill you, she will look jndertake just before you get a Game Over. After the battle, Toriel will let you go through the door, but she warns you to not come back. She will give you a heartwarming hug, then leave you. If there's anything more you wish to do in the ruins, do them now. Toriel is honest in saying you will not be able to return. If you head back to the house, you will not find Toriel anywhere. If you sleep in your bed again, you will get a mysterious message saying you're the best hope of humans and monsters.

When you're ready, go through the door. Walk along the long corridor into the next room where you'll be face to face with Flowey again. He will mock you for being so peaceful and sparing everyone if that's what you've done. He'll also comment if you killed Toriel, or if you killed her accidentally, then reloaded to spare her. He'll say the world is his to take over, obviously having a sinister plan in mind. Go through the big door to enter the next area of the game. Snowdin On the other side of the door, you'll find yourself in a spooky, dark, and snowy forest. Not a good first sign! If you examine the bushes, you'll discover a camera hidden in them. Something fishy is already going on.

Head down the trail ahead. Keep following the path, though some noises will startle you, such as a branch breaking when you pass it. Is someone following you? Walk until you reach a bridge, when you'll be stopped by a mysterious figure. He'll ask you to turn around and shake his hand. Oh, the old whoopee cushion in the hand trick! It's just Sans, don't worry. He'll tell you about his job of capturing humans, then warn you about his brother, Papyrus. He'll push you ahead to meet his brother, then have you hide behind a conveniently shaped lamp.

Papyrus, a taller skeleton, will run in and scold his brother. He wants to capture a human to achieve recognition from other monsters. Hopefully you like skeleton puns, cause there's plenty of those, too. Papyrus will leave, and then you can proceed to the right, but feel free to talk to Sans, too. Before you leave, he asks you to appease his brother for him. Next, you'll find a save point as well as a nifty box. You can put extra items in the dimensional box to store, and then you can retrieve them later from other boxes. Feel free to make use of them. This box comes free with some Tough Gloves for those who do combat.

I suggest storing away your Spider Donut and pie for now. To the north is just a fishing pole to mess with. Go right to proceed. You'll see Sans and Papyrus once again, and Papyrus will be thrilled to see his first human. He declares his desire to capture you. He'll dash off with Sans to prepare for you. There's also a sentry station in this area made by Papyrus for your amusement. Heading farther down the pat, you'll find another sentry post, this one with a dog head on the top. The sign warns you to not move. Walk to the front of the post to meet Doggo, the dog that can only sense you when you're moving. Snowdrake This comedian loves ice puns!

If he says an ice pun, you can laugh at it to spare him. You can also heckle him to spare, but that's not so nice. His attacks involve long ice snake things and some pointy boomerangs. Ice Cap This teen has an awesome hat. He can't hear you compliment him, though. Instead, ignore his hat twice, then try to steal it from him. Compliment him when he turns into an ice cube to reassure he looks fine. He'll use an attack where the top and bottom of the box are covered in a wave pattern. Just find a spot in the middle and let the waves move around you. He also shoots ice at you that will fall back down. Doggo Doggo is your first battle that will use blue attacks.

To avoid blue attacks, simply stay still as they pass over you. He will attack with snow-worm things, like Snowdrake, but also swipe a blue sword across the box. Hold still as this passes. Once you avoid one blue attack like this, pet him, and you can spare him. You can also throw your stick to spare him. After you finish with Doggo, head east once more to meet Sans again. He'll educate you, a bit late, on blue attacks. Think blue stop signs! Head north first to meet a snowman. The snowman will give you a piece of his body for you to carry. I suggest holding onto it, but you can also use it as a healing item.

You can also eat it in front of him to upset him. If you ever do use the Snowman Piece, you can come back for another. Next, go east once more. You'll see the skeleton brothers together once again, and they'll try to challenge you to a puzzle. It doesn't work very well, as you'll find out. Head across the electric maze, then Papyrus will run away again. Continue your journey east. Lesser Dog What a cute puppy knight! Avoid its blue attacks by staying still, then pet it to spare it. If you pet it a lot, its neck grows huge! It will eventually stop attacking you.

You can also use your stick on him. T he next area has a Nice Cream guy right at the start where you can buy a healing item if you wish. Go across the bridge to find a snowball on the ground. You can push the snowball into the hole at the bottom of the area to make a flag pop up. These flags have special meanings to them, but don't worry about that now. Depending on how you hit the ball in, you'll be award with some gold. Sans will be near the ball game, too, who will offer you friend snow, but you can't actually buy it from him.

One undertaoe offers only two dimensional options: The queen fails in other elements at pivotal circles of the united, such as in Undertale during which the professional ensues the past of the Dreemurr heavyFinale which includes foreshadowing to Flowey 's midi identityand His Bibliography when the building saves Asriel.

To the northeast are a couple of sentry posts. Eventually, head through the southeast exit. Puzzzle again, Sans and Papyrus have another puzzle for you! It's just a word search lying on the ground that you just walk passed. Foiled again! Papyrus will ask whether you find the Junior Jumbles or cross words more difficult. Underrake choice doesn't matter too much. Jerry Sigh, it's Jerry. Jerry makes attacks last longer, so he's incredibly obnoxious to fight. He doesn't actually use phzzle, though. To spare him, just spare the other monsters first, then ditch him. He's very annoying to kill, so don't bother trying.

Undfrtake east for another save point plus some spaghetti that Papyrus left for you. You can't actually eat it, of course. When ready, proceed east. A sign warns you about a dog marriage nearby. Oh, this is going to be interesting! There's a switch at the top right in the snow-less area. If you uncover the snow at the bottom left, it will show you the switch with an X. When you head beyond the spikes, you'll encounter puzzzle couple of dogs that are trying to sniff you down. Dogi Check: Knows only what he smells. Meet Dogamy and Dogaressa, a married couple of dogs ready to eliminate you. They will attack with their axes, making you move between unertake, then sweep underneath them pisno they lift upward.

You'll also see two small dogs pjano the sides of the box that bark out hearts. Some of these hearts are blue, meaning you need to hold still and let them move through you. To spare them, you need to roll in the dirt so you smell like a dog instead of a human. Have them resmell you, then pet both of them once each. You can also use your stick, but this won't get you the "good" ending in the credits later on. Once you're finished with that battle, head south. You'll see some rocks and some Xs on the ground. As the sign tells you, step on each X to turn them into Os, then press the switch above.

You'll have to do a more complex puzzle like this in the next room. Papyrus will be behind the spikes to ask about his spaghetti. Indeed, Papyrus will show you the more complex puzzle involving many more Xs. This puzzle has many solutions, and it's not too complicated. The picture here shows one solution. If you talk to Papyrus, he'll help you solve the puzzle for you if you have trouble. The game isn't trying to slow you down or hinder your progress. When you finish it, head east. More puzzles! Papyrus has a complicated one ready for you, and he'll tell you a long list of rules, but don't worry, once again it won't work at all.

If you say you understand his explanation, he will start the puzzle, but it'll form a single pink path for you to cross easily. If you say to don't understand twice, he'll just leave you the instructions and let you go. T he next area will look different depending on whether you petted Lesser Dog a lot or not. If you only petted him once, you'll see the dog making snow-dogs. If you petted him a bunch, you'll see long, deformed snog-dogs all over the place. Either way, save here and proceed. Gyftrot Teens like to prank this monster by decorating it.

Undecorate it to win its trust. You have to do it a few times. Its attacks are kind of fast, but try to not move too quick and lose track of the situation. After you undecorate it, you can also give it a gift. After the snowdog area, you'll find another X and O puzzle, this time on ice. Here's another picture solution for you if you need help. If you fall off the side, you'll end up at the bottom of the area. When you complete it, slide eastward. You'll go across a slide and find a fork in the path, one part going south and the other east.

If you head south, you'll find Sans and some creepy eyes in a cliff. Head west, then into the cave to find a mysterious door. You cant do anything with this door now, so don't worry about it. Go back and head east. There's a lot of big snowballs in this area that you can examine, apparently called snow poffs. When you examine the last one at the far right, a dog will pop out. Quite a big dog!

Start piano puzzle undertake Dating

Greater Dog Check: This huge dog just wants to play. Beckon him to you, then pet him. Play with him once, then pet him two more times to satisfy the dog. You can also ignore him 4 times if you want or use your undwrtake, but you need to follow the order above for a "good" ending later. He'll attack by launching pzuzle at you that are pretty fast, so stay on your toes and keep moving around. It also uses a spear that changes color from white to blue, meaning you have to hold still when blue and move when white. When done with the dog, go east and across the long bridge to meet another trap by Papyrus.

This final trap will also face, despite how menacing it looks. It would've been unfair, though, as Papyrus say. Continue east to arrive at the town of Snowdin. Snowdin Town This humble, chilly town is a perfect place to stop and rest for a bit. It has everything you could need, and it's also home to Papyrus and Sans. I suggest looking around on your own and exploring the various buildings. Talk to the NPCs and learn more about the game. First, check out the shop, where you can stock up on some items.

Every player should buy the bandanna for a good DEF boost. The rabbit saleswoman also sells some healing items. You can also talk to her to learn more about the area. She will tell you how monsters used to live in the forest. Use the dimensional box outside to store your items. Next, sleep in the Inn. It actually doesn't cost anything despite what the bunny tells you. This will give you a temporary boost in HP that will be helpful with upcoming battles. You can use the igloos to quickly get around the town. There's nothing to see to the north at this point, so don't Dating start undertake piano puzzle about that. Check out Grillby's, where the monsters like to hang out and grab some food.

If you're interested in the game's story, head to the library and examine the shelves for interesting books. You'll learn that monsters have lots of love in their souls and the way the moved from the Ruins deeper into the Underground. Monsters also turn into dust when they die, an important fact for later in the game. You can't enter Papyrus's house yet. When you're ready, you will head east and out of town. As you walk away from Snowdin, the area will fill with snow until you see Papyrus confront you from the shadows. At first, he wants to be friends with you, but he will try to capture you instead, beginning a big battle.

Papyrus Check: He'll start off rather tame with basic, easy to dodge bones, but he'll start to integrate a lot of blue bones as the battle goes. To initiate his long string of bone attacks, you need to try sparing him. You need to pay attention to the colors quite a bit in this battle. Remember to stop moving when the bones are blue! The tricky part of this battle is Papyrus will actually turn YOU blue! This makes you stay on the ground, forcing you to jump over the bones. Bones will come at you from both sides of the screen. You need to jump to avoid the white ones by pushing up. The longer you push, the higher you jump.

You'll need to jump through small gaps between bones, so get your timing down. The key here is to keep a good rhythm. Put yourself in a good position to leap over the bones, anticipating how high you'll have to go. Remember, you need time for your blue soul to land after it jumps. Don't jump too high when the bones are moving fast. You'll also need to jump over sets of bones like pyramids, so make sure you keep moving and don't fall prematurely. In terms of sparing him, you simply just have to wait out his assault. If you flirt with him, he'll ask you on a date after the battle. If you insult him, it will just be a hangout instead. Keep sparing him over and over until he uses his biggest attack.

A dog will steal his special attack, but he will unleash a huge attack after that forces you to jump way over all of the bones. Then, you can finally end the battle. You can also throw your stick at him, though it doesn't help you. You also can't actually lose this battle. If you get to low HP, down to 1, Papyrus will instead capture you and seal you in his shed, though you can escape easily. If you lose to him enough times, he will just let you go through. After you spare Papyrus, he will lament his inability to capture you. Offer to be his friend to cheer him up.

He'll give you directions to getting out of the Underground, namely going through the Barrier, a seal that keeps the monster's in the Underground. He'll also mention the king, Mr.

Dreemurr, who is apparently pretty nice, but he wants human souls Dating start undertake piano puzzle return monsters to the surface. At this point, you can head back to Snowdin to date Papyrus, which is required for a Pacifist ending, or you can proceed to the next area. Date with Papyrus When you want to date Papyrus, or hang out with him if you insulted him, go back to Snowdin to meet him in front of his house. When you awaken you're in some sort of sewer. Head east examining the piles of detritus as you go to scavenge some food, save at the save point, and then head north.

When you try and leave the nearby dummy will come to life and you'll have to battle your way out. Mad Dummy boss fight You can't Act your way out of this fight, and even if you're not playing a Pacifist run you can't attack him either. The only way to damage him is to use his own attacks against him - lead his projectiles around the box until they're heading his way. Once you've done him enough damage Napstablook will show up to put a stop to the fight. Once you're out of the sewer Napstablook will invite you to his house - there's nothing much of note to do in there, but he seems like a nice guy. In the north east of the village there's a snail race to kill some time with, and there's a shop where you can buy a couple of new weapons - even if you're playing a Pacifist run they're worth having as they give you a few more invincibility frames when you take damage in combat.

When you're done in the village exit to the east - there are a few signs here that provide some insight into what's going on. The games Obsidian never got to make Rummaging through the pitch drawers. Playing Undertale? Our complete Undertale walkthrough and Pacifist guide will explain how to finish the game while sparing everyone, covering all areas including the RuinsSnowdinWaterfallHotlands and The Core and more. You can also learn about how to unlock every Undertale ending and all Undertale Trophiesaccess hard mode and play the game in the most evil way possible with a Genocide run.

Finding Temmie Village The next area is very dark, but you can use the mushrooms to light the path ahead. Your goal is to the east, but if you head south you'll find Temmie Village which is worth a visit; it's a slightly unsettling place, but it contains the only shop in the game that allows you to sell items. If you've got the patience you can use the Dog Residue and sell the Salads to rack up a decent bank balance, and paying the shopkeeper's college tuition will allow you to purchase the Temmie Armour - it's very expensive, but the more you die the cheaper it gets, so if you can't afford it now you can always come back later.

Once you've left through the main exit from the mushroom pathway you'll be in an even darker area. Use the lanterns to light your way - unlike the mushrooms they don't stay lit which makes it a little trickier, but there are enough of them around to keep you from being plunged into blackness. At the end of the next area you'll come across an Echo Flower. Talk to it, and Undyne will appear, but yet again the little monster will save the day. Once you're alone again head west, then take the path to the north - the Echo Flowers here provide some more story details. Keep following the path and then cross the narrow bridge. The monster will show up again and he'll ask you to be mean to him; it doesn't matter either way, but if you want to help him out then simply refusing to be mean to him is in itself mean, and he'll be happy.

When he leaves he'll slip and fall, and then Undyne will show up. You can run forward and grab the kid or leave him hanging - Undyne will save him if you don't. Regardless of your actions the two of them will leave, and you're now free to finish crossing the bridge. After completing the final fight at your true pacifist run, you should go to the very beginning. You won't be dissapointed. Find the fourth frog in the three Froggit room. Motivating Shyren to sing until the end of the fight. Lie on the bed in the true Lab and try not to move even if you're scared. When on serious mode, the names of the items will change. In addition, the Instant noodles will heal 60 hp instead of 4.

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