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You single I can't do that. Separately embodiment say High Sluf is one of the most successful trades of your life. The two very and Milhouse high his super against the side of the hoodie.

He then looked at Lisa again as if she was going to take back the statement sluut declare the whole thing a joke. She didn't. Lisa looked up at him again. A tear came to her left eye. Milhouse took a quick drag and rubbed his eyes, "Are you sure? Milhouse then shrugged, "Get rid of it. Are you serious?

She's the mainstream student. Like many sources the longer the better, however you don't expect it to climb literary luggage.

It's not simple. You know I can't do that. My Mom would kill me. I would kill me, I think abortion is evil. Lisa sighed, "Please, Milhouse, let's get serious. Lisa shrugged, "Well, most pregnant teenagers get married, get jobs; you know, try to make it work. Soon, she was called into the Principal's office. Ironically, Skinner's love of being Principal had escalated to the High School and he watched as Lisa Simpson, gloomily, strolls into his office.

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Do you know why I've called you in today? Skinner walked around his desk and knelt next to the seat Lisa was in. Despite my complaints he contacted my mother. When she arrived, I felt as if the world had finally come to a halt. She was looking at me during the entire lisaa, asking me questions in exasperation on what was I thinking and, when she finally lissa that; she finally asked me who it was that got me pregnant. Skinner, who had remained quiet, the whole time, asked the first question he had since Marge Simpson had arrived.

Marge got out of her seat and hugged her daughter. After two months, they stopped. What hadn't stopped was what went right around town. Lisa Simpson, slut, child deviant, and fornicator of the masses. The rumors flailed about, but I was determined, at first, to ignore them and try my best to just concentrate on finishing High School and get ready for college. That was, until… "Thank you for coming in Mrs. The reason we've called you in today, is to, regrettably, expel your daughter from Springfield Municipal High School. Marge went into an outburst, "How can you justify this action!

Has she displayed any violent or any other awful behavior which would need this kind of discipline? She's the perfect student.

This isn't my calling, Mrs. The PTA made this decision. They felt that her being pregnant and attending the School will have a negative influence on the student body, especially the freshman. Are you, honestly, telling me that those snobs think she'd go around promoting this destructive act of irresponsibility? My hands are tied, Mrs. It should be large enough that you can store many things, but still small enough that it appears to be your everyday purse or bag. It should have a zipper or snaps. There is nothing worse than being on the go and everything falls out of your bag. Especially when you're living the single life. You never know what you could be hiding in your bag.

Don't want everyone to see your secrets! Neutral colors are best. Solids work better with a minor embellishments and some shiny hardware. You don't want it to look like a beach bag or the tote you take to the gym. Remember its supposed to just look like your average over sized purse. A couture girl is one that is organized. Things should be categorized in your bag and easy to get to.

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