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Cobain Unseen by Charles R. Cross (2008, Hardcover)

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Charles Cross is very factual in his presentation of jnseen events that he reported on in this biography. As such, it is very easy to read. Very much like a journal - a reporting of the events and people, etc.

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In this part, I thought that Cross wrote about what he thought were Cobain's issues, for example - abandonment, much like these were also facts, instead of merely his speculation. However, I think that Cross was probably quite right in much of what he thought and wrote. This leads me to the second aspect of this book - the very heartbreaking story of Kurt Cobain and how all of the tragedy came to be. I found reading this story to be difficult. I love biographies, but there is so much frustration and anger that I experienced reading the book, because of the audacity of how Cobain appears to have been let down, by all the people that were supposed to take care of him.

From his early years - his cheerful smiling boyishness, all the way to the days when he was a big rock star. No one seemed to step up for Kurt, at any time in his life, to take care of him.

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So reading the story of Kurt, and about all the people in his life who did not accept him for himself, and others who wanted to exploit him and ignore important signals that his life was going very wrong, was difficult. I really loved this book, but it was a book that I was happy to finish, because it takes its toll emotionally on the reader. I find myself thinking about this man now that I finished the book, and that to me, is a sign that this was a really great book. Good job! A from Great book I was absolutely engrossed in this book! This book illuminated the tortured life behind these things in vivid and frightening detail.

Charles Cross is careful to be the dispassionate author as he recounts some pretty unusual events, but he makes some affection and a morsel of judgement for his subject obvious all the while, a good mix. I was glad the journal entires were used judiciously.

I imagine few biographers have this luxry and the temptation to cram in mountains of their content was wisely resisted. I dqting this book maintained my interest because it made me reflective about the nature of celebrity aswell as because it took me unapologetically to the depth of drug cboain. I found myself closing the book every so often to look into the eyes of the image on the cover while pondering these two things. I did enjoy that Cross revealed the stories behind many of the images and lyrics that I remember from my youth, but I was glad he did this sparingly, so that getting to know Kurt was kept the focus. The anticipation of the suicide we all know how the story ends, right?

The latter seems based enough on forensic evidence and interviews to maintain credibility. I thought this was a unique and effective ending for a biography. I also found it very eerie having recently made a small pilgrimage myself to the Lakeside house where the gruesome events transpired. I can't beleive I bought this and put even more of Kurt's money into her pockets. You really can't trust anything that is put out after his death because most everything goes through Courtney before it is released.

This book did nothing more then exploit his legacy further unsfen try to make him look as pathetic as possible in order to convince you that he had commited suicide, when there is so much evidence to tell you otherwise its crazy anyone believes he fobain did. Which is exactly what she has been trying to convince you of since his death. I stopped reading the book after the chapter that spent way to much effort trying to convince the reader of his obsession with suicide. It went so far as to say that the interviews he had done for a biography written about him were fabrications and weren't actual facts.

I am sickened by the fact that books like this are released. Any true Cobain fan will realize that this book isn't based on facts but of what certain people want you to believe. Bravo Courtney you once again succeeded in dragging Kurts legacy through the mud. I will most definetly be returning this book. More info than other books From Amazon I have read a lot of Cobain books and this one brings a lot more info to the table. I particularly like how the book is much more personal than others and gives a whole new look to his life. A very good read and a very good price.

The book had not just diary entries by Kurt, but paintings and drawing he drew- some when he was very little!

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