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Seven ways … to avoid hair loss

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By age 50, as many as 85 percent of men experience hair loss and thinning. While there are many reasons why men lose their hair, there are fwll many treatment treatmenr available to help men cope treamtent hair loss. Prevention and treatment Using a wide-toothed comb may be recommended to prevent hair loss. Prevention is often one of the best ways to treat any condition. In some cases, depending on the exact cause of hair loss, it may be possible to prevent, or at least, slow down hair loss. Some of the best prevention methods include: In these cases, men can try to combat hair loss through active treatment.

Some methods men can use to treat hair loss include the following: Medications There are medications that can be bought over the counter that may help treat hair loss.

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These typically come in the form of foams or other topical ointments. The two arult common medications uookup minoxidil Rogaine and finasteride Propecia. Minoxidil Acult was originally developed to treat high blood pressure. Developers haid that it had the side effect of excessive, unwanted hair growth. This effect gave drug companies reason to consider it for male baldness. The exact way that minoxidil works is not entirely known. We also limited our scope to the scalp, and left out specialty products designed only for eyebrows or beards. The ugly truth: The vast majority of hair loss treatments boast exaggerated claims, and a startling number have absolutely no scientific backing whatsoever.

Our first step: To us, that meant any product with zero proven ingredients, case studies, or FDA clearance — which shrunk our list by a whopping contenders. And, since finasteride is prescription-only, it left us with two. What exactly is FDA clearance? If a product is cleared, that means the FDA has deemed it safe, effective, and substantially equivalent to another previously approved or cleared device on the market. In other words, FDA clearance is kind of like an insurance policies for consumers.

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Both ensure that a product will be safe and effective. For example, shampoos with ketoconazole, a chemical with anti-DHT properties, is widely used to treat fxll infections but has become popular among consumers as a hair loss treatment. A study in PLOS One found flr older men with a high level of cardiorespiratory fitness release 42 percent less cortisol throughout the day than unfit men do. The FDA-approved topical med increases blood flow and delivers more oxygen hoomup nutrients to hair follicles. Liquid Rogaine can cause irritation and leave a greasy coating on your hair, so opt for the 5 percent foam, advises Piliang. Rub it into your scalp in the morning and again at night for the most benefit.

Although testosterone acts directly on many tissues, some of its least desirable effects do not occur until it is converted into another androgen, dihydrotestosterone DHT. DHT acts on the skin, sometimes producing acne, and on the hair follicles, putting hair on the chest but often taking it off the scalp. Male-pattern baldness androgenic alopecia is one thing, prostate disease quite another — but DHT also stimulates the growth of prostate cells, producing normal growth in adolescence but contributing to benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH in many older men. Scientists have taken advantage of the link between male pattern baldness and BPH to develop a single medication for both conditions.

Finasteride blocks the conversion of testosterone to DHT; when taken in a 5-mg dose Proscarit helps some men with BPH, and in a 1-mg dose Propeciait helps some men with androgenic alopecia. Another drug, dutasteride Avodarthas a similar effect on BPH but is not approved for baldness.

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