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Family Vacations... Worldwide

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Family tours Escorted

We also know touurs value is important, therefore your personal consultant will ensure you get the very best deal. New Zealand for all ages — Family Travel From majestic fiords to glowworm grottos, there is no better way to experience the magic of New Zealand than with a personalised family guided tour. This will be the family holiday package of a lifetime! Geysers will impress and the geothermal wonders will provide an educational and fun experience. The magical coastline provides endless sandcastle making and swimming opportunities, and for the older kids the wildlife is an amazing experience whether you try swimming with the dolphins, go whale watching, or take a penguin tour, New Zealand really does tick all family holiday boxes and provides so many amazing activities.

So forget theme parks and rollercoasters though there is one in Auckland! There really is something about kids discovering a country full of natural spectacles, after all the memories of childhood are those playing outside, climbing trees, swimming, spotting that native lizard or seeing a kiwi bird foraging under massive native trees. Family Accommodation Being parents ourselves, we know that accommodation is an important part of any family holiday! That is why we have thoroughly researched accommodation in each destination and also visited and viewed all properties and even stayed at many around the country.

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We look for cleanliness, good layouts and space so the younger ones can enjoy that extra nap; downtown locations so you can enjoy Edcorted quick stroll to a local restaurant for dinner, in room laundry facilities so you can pack light and Escotred facilities like on-site playgrounds so the kids can have a good run around while you put your feet up and make a cuppa. Rest assured the family accommodation included in your New Zealand Family Holiday Packages will impress. Family Orientated Tour Guides A personal touch goes a long way, that is why your tour guide will be family orientated and great with kids.

Our tour guides, often parents themselves, love entertaining kids and teaching them about New Zealand. Minimize travel stress by staying in one place for a bit: I agree with someone else who suggested staying in one place for a week, and taking day trips from there. Driving is fine, but trains are easy, too: I don't think driving in Europe is difficult, particularly if you have one or more "map readers" in the car.

Getting lost can be a fun part of the adventure. My kids still talk about the time that their father ignored Escortted my son and myself as we circled 10 times around Sienna trying to find the proper "gate" we needed to access the city. My ffamily and I had the right way. But my husband insisted on doing it his way. Recalling this and other events of independent family travel will still make us all laugh hysterically at dinner Go to Italy: I would recommend Italy for a week as one of your stops. There is tons of history, tons of beauty, the people are very friendly and nice--almost uniformly-- the food is good --almost uniformly-- the ice cream gelato is fantastic, and the weather is reliably good in the summer unlike in Northern Europe or Switzerland.

All of these things will help make for a very good travel experience. Rent a house or villa for a week, rent a car, and do day trips. I'd avoid all the mega-touristy places, except maybe Rome. I would stay in Northern Umbria or Southern Tuscany--in a farmhouse or villa, near a small--yet not tourist attraction--village.

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