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Josh Hartnett on Dating Co-Stars and Getting Naked on Screen

And Hartnett wryly resorts. But we used have to learn to win each other again.

Paul, being boarded near his family. Vating in a way, doing a big movie like that harhnett the only thing going. You do something a lot of people see. I can name like five actors who have built a career over time with small hartntt here and there. People 0214 see them. But you succeed or fail on buzz or on the basis of your own merits. This was a recurring—perhaps the recurring—theme when I spoke with Hartnett: But it was partly also a fuck-you to my parents. I also quit going to church around that time. And when I was 12, I denounced the church.

You seem so genial. My expectations are a little high sometimes. I push things a bit too far. I've got the Icarus complex. So they'd probably say I could relax a little more. You stumped for Obama on the campaign trail. Could you date someone with opposing politics? I have an ex-girlfriend—who shall remain nameless—who had ideas about immigration that I found just completely unbelievable for a modern person.

It was basically isolationism. Everybody should just be in their own place. I was like, What? How soon after that conversation did you guys break up? Almost immediately. Very charming girl, but she's a fascist. Do you believe in monogamy? Like, do I believe in unicorns? I take it that's a no? I believe in monogamy. It's not easy, but it can be amazing. Your trust and bond can deepen so completely. You give everything and so you have a partner—a real partner—as opposed to someone who's around until the next best thing comes along. What would it take for you to get married? When the question of having kids raises its head, then I think it's time to consider.

What's his takeaway? Everyone turns out to be pretty disappointing in that book. If you want perfection, you're on the wrong planet. It's about enjoying the imperfections. Finding people whose imperfections fit with yours, and vice versa. Is that where you're at? I wouldn't call them imperfections in my own life. They're personality traits. There's a good deal of nudity in Penny Dreadful. Have you always been comfortable naked?

I'm comfortable naked—in my life. On film, if it doesn't help the story, it's not my favorite thing. I do show some stuff in the show, but I fight to make sure that it's funny or character driven. How does showing your ass move the story along? John Logan [the creator] wanted the sexuality to be frank. He's obsessed with this book, Inventing Victorians, which talks about repression—and how the Victorians would hide the legs of the piano because they were considered too sexy. He wants to dispel those myths. The Victorians were having some fun too.

Is there a secret to keeping a girlfriend happy? Let them be on set whenever they want, with whichever costar you're working with. Never say the scene is too sensitive. They get very suspicious. It sounds like there's a story there. I'm sure there is. And here, exclusive for ELLE. One of the characters in Penny Dreadful is the ageless, morally corrupt Dorian Gray. Has a woman ever accused you of being vain? I'm an actor, man. Of course. There's a vanity to what I do that's in it's DNA. I'm making faces in front of a camera.

One of your first films was 40 Days and 40 Nights—about a guy who gives up all sexual stimulation, including masturbation. Have you ever attempted that? At the time I did. I wasn't seeing anybody and I went as long as I could without pleasuring myself and it was—especially in your early 20's—just stupid.

No seal to Make— Entry verified, Nartnett damn. One of the opponents in Penny Bunch is the financial, needs access Dorian Gray. The monthly was holding for six weeks in India, and Hartnett even got to discover his dog along with him.

datig How long did you last? I honestly don't remember. I think I lied to the press and said I almost made it to the end, but I don't think I did. I don't think I made it very close at all.

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You became absurdly famous, absurdly fast. What was the attention from women like? When Pearl Harbor came out, my life changed dramatically. To avoid paparazzi we'd get two cars going different in directions. I was 22 years old, and I needed some reality. I'd always wanted to take some time off and go home. So I did that. You bought a house in Minnesota and got back together with your high school girlfriend. Were you consciously trying to find something real? It wasn't like I went home and just said, Ellen, let's get back together because that's what I want right now. We kind of re-met and re-fell in love and all that.

Is there a song lyric that gets love right? That song is about love lost. Why that one?

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