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Identifying Vintage Guitars, Banjos & Mandolins

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Mandoluns on Twitter Orville Gibson A model. Eric C. All carved-top guitars and mandolins trace their ancestry back to Orville Datinh of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Born in Chateaugay, New York, in Moved to Kalamazoo and began making instruments by the date on a small medallion in an instrument now owned by the Gibson company. Loar have become highly prized collector items. Manxolins period from the 's thru the 's has thus become to be regarded by many as the golden age of American stringed instrument manufacturing. All this focus on Gibson instruments is not to slight the many other fine instruments from other manufacturers during this time.

Mandolin varieties include: But the fact of the matter is that Gibson was, by far, the most successful of all, and so its terminology has been adopted my most mandolin affectionatos. From the 's on, begins what many see as a long decline in quality of mandolins, Gibson's and others too. This is somewhat understandable as the mandolin was not the popular seller it once was. Post terminology is also more confusing than the golden age terms. For example: A-style mandolins came to have f-holes, and the oval-holed F-styles were no longer made.

At the time, the Nick Lucas model was the largest flat-top Gibson offered. It took Gibson 2 years to develop their response: The Jumbo of The promotional material in the Gibson catalog of said: The bass of this model will amaze you, and of course the clear brilliant treble is in perfect balance.

Not many were sold and the production run was therefore limited to 2 years. Because there are few of Datibg instruments around, little has been written about them, though some did find their way into the hands of influential artists of the day. The version had a classic Gibson sunburst: The sides and back were tinted mahogany with a sunburst red orices top. There was some amber color expressed on the Datinng and back of the versions. The was single bound, front and back with dot markers on the rosewood fretboard and a horizontal script logo inlay on the headstock. The rosettes were simple white-black-white.

The bridge were early simple rectangular with through-saddles. The bracing for the new larger models was X braced: You guys made me a very happy man today and you made a good day into a very, very pleasant good day today. Very good setup by you, guys. Easy to play, tons of tone, exactly what I wanted. In the past all of the instruments have been a perfect set-up and the pricing was second to none. Believe me I shopped around and without hesitation still came back. You were the only ones that had what I wanted.

It was strictly business — you get what you see. Again, the new Gibson purchase is perfect in every way. For me, the neck on the Gibson is an absolute dream to play. I have a smaller hand and if anyone out there is looking for a slightly narrower neck this is it. Without a doubt my left hand action and speed has increased literally overnight because of this! Flawless in every way just like you guys are.

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Thank you again. Tim Lucas, Ohio group: The Sages Well, I hate taking the time to send this e-mail, because I really want to get back to playing my new Custom D28, but I had to let you know how much I am loving it! Lol, expectations are always HIGH when opening a new Martin and anticipating what that first strum is going to sound like. This thing is resonant! To say I was impressed would be an understatement. Just wow. I am utterly amazed at how different they sound. They are both killer guitars, but the type of tone they produce is so different. I honestly feel like the luckiest amateur guitar player on Earth right about now. However, during our correspondence over e-mail and phone I seriously felt like we had been friends our whole lives.

It was awesome to deal with someone who respects their customers that much, and I will definitely remember you for my future instrument purchases. Anyway, back to playing thanks again! I made up my mind, bit the bullet and ordered an Eastman mandolin from the Mandolin Store on Friday. Decided patience is a virtue, so consciously cultivated it. On Tuesday, my wife phoned me at work and said it had arrived. Got home, took it out, tuned it up and played it. We could both tell instantly it was a step up in quality of sound and playability. So that makes me what people call a satisfied customer. Many thanks for your help.

I have wanted to upgrade into a high quality American made mandolin from Weber for some time now and you guys made it happen. You guys are first class and I appreciate the time both of you took with me on the phone. I spoke with both of you and you patiently answered all my questions with your expertise a person can trust and that means a lot to me when dealing Dating gibson mandolins prices instruments on the web and over the phone. I am actually having trouble taking time away from the mandolin to write you this email but my finger tips are begging me for the break. It sounds great and everyone that has heard it says it sound great also.

I also know the sound will only keep getting better as it opens up. I also like the neck it is not a heavy pronounced V like my last mandolin but also not completely rounded, it feels just right. The color and finish are awesome and it has the professional detail one could expect from Weber. I also like how the tiger stripes on the back have that 3D effect when you turn the mandolin. Gotta go finger tips quit throbbing, later. Being a novice player it was nice to have this instrument set up to play easy, and look and sound so great. Winter in New England! I have coveted, and I use that word with all sincerity, this mandolin since Collings first released it.

I played it for the first time at a rest home last night, and it sounds great, even with the factory strings. I want to thank you for the great, low set-up. I made no adjustments, as they were not needed. I highly recommend your store for purchasing instruments that will be set-up right, ready to play. Attached are photos of the finished instrument. It is great! It does just exactly what I wanted it to do. It is perfect, I am very pleased. We once traveled through Wickenburg while visiting family and site seeing in Arizona. A quiet little town. Thanks for being there for us. I am very pleased. The Kentucky KM mandolin arrived in perfect condition today.

Thanks so much for taking such care with the packing, and also for addressing my concerns prior to purchasing it. I shall certainly recommend your store to my friends. Thanks again, and best wishes to you. In fact, the whole experience was just dull, dull, dull. And I knew that if there had been issues, I would have been told. Second, as with the Flatiron and Weber I purchased from Dennis previously, the Kentucky was set up and intonated properly. It plays evenly and in tune, up and down the neck, with the projection, clarity, and strong low end I associate with a KM from having tried out several here in the CA Bay Area.

Third, as always, the instrument was carefully packed for shipping. Been there, done that! And finally, as usual, the price was fair. The Mandolin Store: In other words, money well spent. I am very very happy because all has been perfect. Thank you very much for be patient with my initial doubts about shipping and all my fears. The guitar is perfect and I could see my guitar shipping by internet everyday. I will recommend you to all my friends and I hope to buy you again and visit you maybe one day in USA.

I show you some pictures about today and the guitar in its first day at home. Maybe it is a good idea to show in your web the people being happy with their instruments. Thanks a lot to you and everybody at The Mandolin Store. From Spain my regards and appreciation. Due to some bad experiences of my own, my trust does not come easily. I wish more shop owners and businessmen conducted themselves the way you do. The world would be a much better place. Take care and stay strong. Sincerely, Sue Dennis, Good call on the Coyote. It arrived today. Regarding sound, this thing is huge. I appreciate your taking time with me last Wednesday on the phone, discussing options, making recommendations and stringing up the other Weber to play the two options over the phone.

I need to get my fingers accustomed to the scale the Mid-Missouri is shorter and the wide nut. All things considered, it is a great leap forward. Louis, MO My mandolin arrived in perfect condition yesterday 12 Nov.

For such a reasonably priced instrument I cannot believe the craftsmanship tone and volume of this instrument! I now have many years of practice and playing before I feel I can give it justice. Finally I would like to thank you for your exceptional service, I will be recommending you to all my musical friends. It is an absolutely fantastic guitar, with a greater than great and beautiful sound. I would like to thank you once again that you and I had this perfect match that gave me the opportunity to buy this masterpiece. I took a lesson today and am having all kinds of fun with it. Had the action lowered a tad, but regardless, the Coyote is significantly better sounding and louder than my KM Who Dating gibson mandolins prices, maybe that lottery ticket came through tonight and we can do a bunch of Weber custom orders.

Anyway, thanks again. The workmanship and finish are exceptional. Just one gig might give me the same thing. Here in New York City, the only Eastmans to be found are in high-end shops and are all first quality, at a well deserved high price. The set up is great, it came in a really nice custom fit case which was not advertised, and was a nice surprise and the delivery was right on schedule. The mandolin is just beautiful, and the sound is exactly the one I wanted. The price was unbeatable even with freight, customs and import tax. People may say that it is a risk to buy a musical instrument via mail or internet order. This is not the case with TMS.

With your perfect photos and the specific MP3 files it is easy to get a very clear picture of the instrument. And your excellent service really let me forget that there are some thousand miles between my house and TMS… You made the the distance shrink to the distance between me and my computer or telephone. It was a delight dealing with The Mandolin Store. Brian was well mannered and what he said he did, it was a pleasure doing business with him! When we are in Arizona we plan on paying a visit to your place of business.

It really sounds great and plays nicely. The action is set exactly like I wanted. Nice job. It has been a real pleasure working with you and the other guys at The Mandolin Store. Your customer service is outstanding. You guys went out of your way to make me happy and succeeded in doing so. I wish you all the greatest success in the future. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the purchase through your store of the Kentucky KM As I mentioned over the phone I bought a model KM through you some time ago, and even though I like it a lot, I decided to uprade to a better quality mandolin.

I doubt if there is a better sounding bluegrass mandolin at this price anywhere. At least after all the research, I have not found one. Thanks for your advice and once again for your outstanding service, set-up, etc. We both know how beautiful it is but wow, does it sound great! No comparison to my Eastman. Different league altogether. And it feels so right in my hands.

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Within that group of grails, however, are a few that to bluegrass aficionados are the holiest of the holy. The specific date and the odd ornamentation seem pdices be arbitrary requirements for elevation to majdolins status, but there is a simple explanation: Like virtually all mandolins of that time, it had an oval soundhole. Among the many F-4 players in the early s was a graduate of Oberlin Conservatory named Lloyd Loar. He also had an interest in the science of acoustics, and in Gibson hired him to design instruments, including a new line of mandolins. Loar, who also played viola, brought the concepts of f-holes and tone-bar bracing from the violin to the new Gibson Style 5 mandolin.

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