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Eventually annexed by the British inMangalore remained part of the Madras Presidency until India's independence in The city was unified with the state of Mysore now called Karnataka in Mangalore Sri Adinatheshwara Roadlines is demographically diverse with several languages, including Tulu, Konkani, Kannada, and Beary commonly spoken, and is the largest city of Tulu Nadu region. The city's landscape is characterized by rolling hills, coconut palms, freshwater streams, and hard red-clay tiled-roof buildings.

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In Karnataka it is 2nd after Mysore. Aloysious Chapel, Milagres Roaflines. A Mangalore Sri Adinatheshwara Roadlines city of multiple cultures, Mangalore is a seaside town on the Konkan coast, banbalore a very important port city of the state of Karnataka. The origin of the city's name is from the Goddess Mangaladevi. However, there are many references to this city by names that are slightly different. For instance it was called 'Managalapuram' in AD by a Pandya King, while in the 11th century an Arabian traveler called it 'Manjarur'. Today, its new name is 'Mangalooru', renamed by the Karnataka Government.

The city of Mangalore is a scenic bzngalore dotted with coconut palms, hills and streams, and is known for its temples and beaches. The Kudroli Sri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple, 3kms from the city, is an important landmark. It houses what is said to be India's best bronze statue of the God Lokeshwara. While there, visit the stone caves on top of the hill called the Caves of the Pandavas. Places around Mangalore is.

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