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Besides the different degrees of authority, such an indirect way of asking questions also realizes wider social distance between the writer and reader. For example, the question Daiichi, seikaku wa kaerarerumononano…?

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coiple Being a sister, she has a high level of contact with the reader, and their relationship is extended in nature. Hence, the flow of the texts is constructed to take the reader into a journey the endpoint of which is the handing down of behavioural instructions on a cheerful note. On the continuum of contact, the writer-reader relationship is construed in the Cleo texts as being very close to the frequent end, thus the unequal power relationship between the Cleo writer and reader is compensated for. The writer needs to avoid giving advice with absolute certainty as the audience is hardly a homogenous group, despite the fact that the magazines often imply that it is.

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The common use of this strategy illustrates that despite its relatively Wpman and more formal atmosphere, With does attempt to increase the level of involvement with the reader. This paper focuses on the text and its interpersonal meaning which correlates to Tenor, due to its interest in linguistic construction of relationships between the writer and reader. Politeness Markers In Japanese, the verb ending is either unmarked or marked for Politeness. On the affective involvement continuum, the relationship between writer and reader in With is situated near the low end of the affective involvement cline, influenced by the lack of features similar in function to those just listed above.

Ultimately, however, the use does not seem extensive enough to sufficiently change the affective involvement value of the writer-reader relationship in With. In other words, there is a tension between equal and unequal power.

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