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The Florida cattleman and livestock journal

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Chaffee said his son speculated in 19fifi on the possibility of dving. He said Roger told him 2 he wpre killed, "I don't want you to be bitter, Do what you can to help the space program " The following year. Chaffee said he remembered his promise and since then he has been appearing before school and civic groups and any other organizations that want to hear about his son and the space program. Environmental Devicps Inc. The company calls it a "controlled air system" which incinerates waste material at high temperatures but without the raging flames that characterize many such devices.

The company said its application is not limited to marijuana. Most of the drugs came from the state Bureau of Dangerous Drugs, said a company spokesman, and law enforcement officials from several jurisdictions were on hand fir the demonstration. Ice skating's origins go back at least 5. Archeologists have found animals' bones apparently used as skates during the Bronze Age in Pannonia, an area that is now in Hungary and Yugoslavia. Montcloir, Jomce. Las Veoas.

Hazellief Impress, Okeechobee, Fla. Airplane sporrans the water value of Carib is earlier, more expensive gains, introductory than Other.

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Your conf. LeBarronl Securities, Inc. May make the difference of life-death in times of. Feeding" and important new folders on trace minerals. Mailed free. Smith and H. All were re- Also ask for new Trace Mineral elected except Ryals. Write to: BoxChicago 90,MII. Congress Sluts in mount bovers million during the decade, Warren said. Then he continued to point out that In another resolution, the state departof the state's total income from all sources ment of agriculture was urged to provide marks and brands inspection services in Two tours featured the FSCA conven- those counties where cattlemen are ready tion at Tampa.

Top to bottom, these to underwrite the entire cost, in an efpictures show: Tampa, foreground, looking at camera, Other resolutions favored the free enwas one of a committee which arranged terrestion avet fre en the tours picture was taken at Valrico terprise system, payment of damages in Dairy ; cattlemen saw bacon slicing at tick eradication programs in Volusia and Lykes Brothers; portable overhead irriga- Lake counties where cattle were lost in tion system made by Race and Race of a combination DDT and arsenic dip, Winter Haven propels water over large continuation of present Brucellosis conarea; heavy-duty pump supplies water for trol measures, better weighing facilities at system; Glades County cattlemen pass livestock markets, and control measures check for proposed South Florida 4-H against army worms, grasshoppers and camp to K.

McMullen of the Florida Extension Service, 1. Peeples caterpillars. Above, cattle on improved pasture of mixed grasses-Bermuda, St. Augustine, Para. Hazellief Ranch, Okeechobee, Fla. I follow this program on pastures planted to improved grasses as well as on native pastures. Resultsthe entire acreage could hardly carry head have been most gratifying. Calves, four months old, sold "My acres now easily carry head-almost 3 times as veal, averaged lbs. A large number of cows as many as before. My grade Brahman calf crop died each year.

The cows al- vious average weight. What's more, the cows are always in ways lost considerable weight carrying the calves, good condition now and carry their calves well. This service is free. Phone Pierce 1, or drop us a line today. Also, a public relations movie on meat will be presented for the first time. No outbreak of the Type A virus of Foot and Mouth disease has occurred in Mexico where the cattle have been vac- O cinated twice, Mollin said, although close attention is being given, to a wholly new outbreak of Type 0 virus in the Mexi co City area. Believed now to be undercontrol, the new outbreak is possibly an outgrowth of the Type A infestation, or was possibly brought into Mexico in vaccine from Europe.

Rancher headgate, all steel construction Self service meat departments are in-spring balanced tail gate- creasing the consumption of meat, he Prompt Service in Financing or completely adjustable. Refinancing During the afternoon visitors made a tour of northern Hillsborough county No Loan Too Large including a demonstration of pasture irrigation at the Leavine ranch near Odessa. Free Enterprise INC. Whereas the development of the United States into the greatest country in the world was made Florida Bank Bldg. Hind government.

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