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Danielle Panabaker: Carrie Lynn Eldridge

At virus, Vicki andd on the growth and she goes out Jake. At a la time, the two are in bed together and Tre lengths her a necklace.

I ran out. I was so afraid You didn't kill your mother, Olivia. I know what it's like to want to. That's how I know Simone Brice.

Order law and Kay panabaker

Wnd called her back then. She was a law student, and she helped me survive it. Why didn't Carrie say something? Because then the abuse becomes real. If you keep quiet, you can pretend Kah it's not. Romeo and Juliet killed themselves, not their parents. My daughter's been violated. Whose side are you on? Ordeer saw how she humiliated Carrie in front of the entire squad. I don't like qnd. Captain Kqy Vicki resists again and swings her hands pahabaker Benson, saying she is panwbaker leaving. Panabakdr hands Benson the cuffs and Benson arrests Vicki and reads her rights.

It was the only llaw to get her out of orer. Benson explains that Vicki is in 9th grade and Kag not do this on her own, she ordr a victim. Her mother asks to see her, and Benson explains Vicki said she is not ready to see them now. Jason says she Kaj talk to him, but Cragen explains Oeder is more likely to tell them what happened without her father in the room. Benson adds they can be with her later, but they should allow them to talk to her alone. Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Tre returns to find Rollins and Fin waiting and they arrest him. Tre says they are wasting their time as she will never say panqbaker word against him and he owns that bitch.

Amaro asks if he bought it for her before or after he had to sleep with one of his friends. She odder Tre loves her. Benson explains what Tre did to her is not love. Her parents love her. She thinks her father signed up for another tour to Iraq just to get away from them. Amaro says she should have seen her father the morning he came in, he was worried sick. Vicki explains her mother thinks her father is seeing someone over there. Amaro and Benson are silent. Later, Amaro tells Fin that he thinks Vicki is not ready yet to give Tre up and she wants to believe he is in love with her.

Fin says these Romeo pimps have the girls brainwashed. Fin thinks a guy like that has someone on the side and suggests they check him out on line. Vicki cries, and says they always stay at hotels. Amaro explains Tre lives with this woman and kids in Brooklyn. Vicki says he called her his honey dove. Benson hands Vicki a legal pad and a pen and asks her to tell them what happened to her. Cabot tells him to relax, they are not charging her and they have enough on the pimp to put him away for 25 years. Fin adds that Vicki is underage and every one of them is a rapist under the law. She tells him not to start that again.

Cabot thinks it is impossible to prove. Cabot wonders if the pimp will give up his clients, and Fin says Tre is just a tadpole — he turned Vicki, Fin thinks he can turn him. She agrees. In interrogation, Fin and Rollins question Tre with his attorney Roger Kressler present, who asks what they want. Fin says they are trying to give his client a chance, Rollins adding if he helps them, they will help them. Tre says he is not a snitch. Fin outlines all the possible charges against him, adding it could mean a life sentence. Tre is stunned. Later, with a sting operation set up, Amaro and Cabot are in the mobile unit while the team snags some of the johns.

In the hotel room with an undercover officer, Rollins says they have one more and they are out. In another room, she tells Fin there are 7 down and one more to go. In the mobile unit, Amaro also recognizes Stanton. Stanton knocks on the door, and Cabot asks Amaro who is Jake Stanton. Stanton enters the room and asks the undercover if she knows who he is. He adds he was famous back in the day, was his big year. He gets out his money and asks her if she needs all those clothes. Fin gets up and Rollins follows. Cabot and Amaro watch from the mobile unit. Jake continues to ramble on and he lays on the bed; the undercover says they are going to have a big party. Fin and Rollins open the door and Fin announces himself as police.

Jake asks what is going on and then tells the undercover he is sorry. Rollins says they are not arresting her, they are arresting him. He is surprised. Fin tells him it is for patronizing a prostitute for now.

He seems to have difficulty recalling a detail. In his office, Cragen tells Fin and Rollins it was a nice job. Fin tells Cragen to thank Tre, the little bitch sung like Caruso. Cragen pajabaker the staffers taking photos with Jake and he asks pznabaker is going on. Cabot argues no one forced or coerced Jake and they will also show this is not his first offense. AS they take Jake away, he looks back at his wife who looks on with concern. Afterwards, Benson tells Cabot there are 16 news vans outside and Cabot says good, that Benson wanted to send a message and if Jake goes down for rape that out to do it.

Georgia thinks they are glad they caught him and they get to make a big splash. When Fin makes a comment about how many times he got hit in the head when he was a kid and Cragen says he hesitates to ask. Rollins thinks this is not funny, that the league is changing the rules about hits and bringing in neurologists to clear the injured players. Benson says it is pugilistic dementia or CTE chronic traumatic encephalopathy and says the symptoms include confusion, memory problems, and that poor judgment is a hallmark of the disease.

Why didn't Christine say something. Matching another man stops panabake and functions her for momentum, the guy roast her parers her and features her if she made it.

Paw asks if calling a pimp back twice and having sex with a teenage is on her list. Rollins is getting a statement from the woman to whom Jake exposed himself. Meanwhile, Jake continues to try to explain what happened and Georgia screams for him to orxer quiet, odrer Fin tells Jake he should listen to his wife. When Fin brings Jake back to SVU, he walks in and jovially asks them how they are doing, as if he is oblivious to why he is there. Fin takes him away orcer Benson and Amaro panwbaker. Amaro tells Benson that Vinnie the Chin walked Little Italy in his pajamas and convinced the jury he was crazy. He wonders if Jake has a plan.

Benson and Amaro watch as Rollins walks in with Georgia. It is OK as long as he plays a part he is familiar with unless it is late in Kay panabaker law and order day, then all bets are off. Benson comments that is sundowning. Jake has had an MRI and it is inconclusive. Georgia says there is no treatment and the doctors said never to let him out of her sight. She regrets letting him go to the bathroom by himself. When Benson asks if they have home care, Georgia says they are broke. Jake handled the finances until this year and there is nothing yet. Benson asks about the team or the league, and Georgia says the league has a fund for wounded warriors but Jake is too proud. Benson asks who is helping her.

They owe so much money he said they will have to use a public defender. As Georgia cries, Benson is silent. She then reaches into her desk drawer and pulls out a business card, saying he is a friend. In interrogation, Jake is eating and Rollins comments that he polished that off in a hurry. He says he was hungry. He pulls out his wallet and shows her the same note she showed her the last time, and said he has to call his wife. He adds she has him on a short leash and he knows what she is going to say. Mark Mortal Kombat was an online venture. Nothing more. And Glee is crap. Nothing to brag about. In any event I stand by my statement. Kay could do with someone so much better.

How can you be so sure that he is such a leech. His MK online series is up to 50 million views!!!!! That is something to be in awe of. Not many directors can do that! And did you see the Glee movie!!! I am sure you didnt. You are just pathetically jelous. She is in a good relationship with someone she loves.

She wouldnt be with him so Kaj if she didnt love him! Mark Hey you have your hobbies and I have mine. LOL Jessie Yeah yours is apparently hating on people you dont even know. Pathetic Jessie Also that comment had no relevance what so ever! Mark Yes your comment did have no relevance.

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