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One bathroom with a shower in it. Thf and clean place. Helpful and friendly staff. Laundry service available at 3 Euros. Free wi-fi. Tourist information. Next to drug rehabilitation center. Closed for at least five years since sometime in Well-managed, friendly and social hostel. Staff very helpful for finding international minibus routes. Quiet, central location with friendly and helpful staff. Laundry service. Wifi and lockers. Located in a large flat in communist-style apartment block. Interior nicer than exterior. Some interior such as wall posters dates to Soviet times.

The entrance is located in the backyard and not towards the street. A small 'Retro Moldova' sign is sprayed on the concrete at the entrance and that is the only hint you get that there is actually a hostel inside apartment 24 of that gate. That is really a training and conference centre, it has rooms that are available when not occupied by event participants. It is surrounded by tree filled quiet parks, with picnic areas, lake and all. Not much English spoken but helpful staff. The hostel is exceptionally clean and filled with all necessary amenities such as a toaster, microwave, four stovetops, kitchenware, a fridge, and even musical instruments such as a piano and guitars.

The owners Alex and Ilia are very friendly, speak excellent english and will happily assist with any issues. Wifi is fast and the common area has cozy sofas. The hostel is within walking distance of most major attractions in town, including the national theatres, historical monuments, museums, markets and government buildings. The bathroom is well kept with clean towels, body wash and shampoo. One of the best new hostels in Chisinau. Check-in after hrs and check-out before hrs. Visit their webpage.

Prices beginning from 70 euro for a room, including breakfast, wi-fi, TV. Now the hotel Cosmos has a slightly derelict appearance, and receives relatively few guests.

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However, the rooms are clean and the staff are friendly chisiinau helpful. Around the immediate area are some nice shops and restaurants. Hotel Edem, [37] A rather new hotel with comfortable rooms and a swimming pool. Hotel Luna, [38] A nice hotel with comfortable rooms and good services. Service is poor and visitors are not allowed to enter the hotel. Hotel Vila Iris, [40] A small nice hotel with comfortable rooms and accessible prices.

In price is included breakfast, internet Wi-Fi, Parking, Dkor. Hotel Villa Muntenia, [41] A cosy hospitable hotel offering cheap rates and excellent services. She only has her much adored Cavalier king Charles spaniel Bertie I know!!! I hate it when there are animals involved in these types of books! Melissa on the other hand seems to have it all!

This is a maximum place tucked behind a large feasible milk for Banca de Economii. It has a whole restaurant with mid-range towers.

A gorgeous and famous husband, beautiful home but all is not rosy in The Garden of Eden and her husband's affair and her daughter growing up have sent her spiralling into a depression and to question her role in life. My feelings about these two women chopped and changed throughout the course of reading this book. I started by disliking Melissa but gradually things from her past start to come to light and I understood a little more about why she acted the way she did. Two eyes, a nose and mouth, yes, but the composure. Where does someone, especially without much money, buy that kind of peace?

Life was much too glaring without the shade of lots of cash. She tied a block of concrete to her ankle and let it drag her down. Hating, after all, was a drier form of drowning. Two super markets in et meters. The description of the appartment and surrounding accorded. There is a park behind the house and a big supermarkt a few steps away. Everything worked without any issues. The apartment blocks are totally modernised. A few minutes away from a shopping mall with amoung others a grocery store. We got keys in a few minutes after arrive. Central location and about 25 minutes from the airport. I would like to say thank you to one staff member in particular. She worked on June I had a very upsetting incident with a local and was quite shaken and it was very hot that day as well.

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