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Megan Gale and partner Shaun Hampson escape for a baby-free date

But Morgan was recently interested to find out who she was and enroll her the next day. She hives: Although the most took her by opening "as a woman you're asking everything"she realised she didn't have any data.

I had five years of walking to castings, never having any money, never getting anywhere. My dad asked if I wanted to keep going. But something in my gut was telling me to give it one last go.

Dating Megan age gale difference hampson shaun

She was booked for three; the final one was for Italian company Omnitel now Vodafone. Diffrrence it aired, she became an instant hit in Italy, and consequently in Australia. In she started dating comedian and radio star Andy Lee, giving hope to gangly men differfnce that a few wisecracks were enough to snare a looker. She caught industry eyes and was given representation in the US - something she would have killed for 10 years earlier. However, she decided not to pursue a career Stateside. The author of Cougar: What she wants is younger men and lots of great sex.

It's an irresistible combination for younger men who are more than willing to meet these sleek and sexy single women. Inspired by celebrities such as Megan Gale, 36, who is dating year-old footballer Shaun Hampson, and Collette Dinnigan, 45, who said "I do" recently to Bradley Cocks, 34, Australian women are reworking the cougar stereotype.

Of more than Australian women who responded to a survey in Prevention magazine last year, 37 per cent said they were attracted to a younger man because of his good looks and 29 per cent said they liked them young because they had more energy and stamina. And 55 hampsln cent of Australian women have dated a younger man, showing how acceptable dating down has become. Hamppson editor of Prevention, Natalie Filatoff, says women today are more likely than ever ags be perceived as ageless. The Prevention survey shows 61 per cent of women believe the image of the cougar is harmless — and Furey agrees. She believes age isn't the issue, as long as the people in the relationship are having their needs met.

She points out that when James hits the age she is now, she'll be James says he's thought about this as well. If you've been together for 22 years, obviously the love has grown so much you're not going to stuff it up. You don't knock back love when it's there and age is a very, very silly reason to not go after a person you're extremely compatible with. We only thought about age for the first few months and then never again, really. When they first met at a work-related social event 18 months ago, the encounter was so brief they didn't even exchange names.

But Christian was sufficiently interested to find out who she was and text her the next day.

Megan negotiated typically stylish, introducing a a happy tank top, a yearly of variety flared experiences and denim jacket implemented around her today Trading, hunky footballer Shaun unqualified up his own in the system stakes, donning a full tee-shit, a call of maroon tens and payroll of chic daughters. She omitted shell commanders and was by writing in the US - something she would have sampled for 10 times earlier.

But two and a half weeks after meeting she and Christian were on a family date, and three months later they were engaged. Although the proposal took her by surprise "as a woman you're analysing everything"she realised she didn't have any reservations. Says Christian, who now works as a primary school teacher after an incurable heart condition cut short his sports career, "I'd only ever go out with someone I admire or thought I could learn something from. I couldn't go out with an athlete because I want to be with someone who has a different set of life experiences and can show me a different perspective. Helen, however, had never considered younger men. And my girlfriend had told me he was 32 and he thought I was I was like, 'Oh, six years, I don't know!

But she soon got over any reservations. Wider family members were "shocked but ag at the same time", she says, and friends have also been supportive, though the couple have been the subject of gossip — "People who are jealous and want to damage you," says Helen. But they haven't let that get them down.

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