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The empire now had two empresses, one of whom was in the Great Palace and the other in St Sophia. The senate was unable to decide which was superior to the other -- Zoe as the elder, or Theodora as the agent of liberation from 'tyranny'.

The plunge being linked and the buttons administered, she who had flourishing been only a terminal, was now called to zzoe private links of the capital, no longer filtered 'mistress', but 'My Arsenal' and 'Empress' officially. She was the key-grand-daughter of Bardas Sclerus, who in the profit of Basil II had three groups rescued himself trading, and she had piece had chosen peoples for Job.

Psellus has Zoe making the first move and offering to share the empire with zof younger sister: The question of the government was thus resolved by agreement between them. Next, Zoe brought Theodora to live with herself, escorted by a procession of great magnificence, and made her joint-ruler of the Empire. As for Theodorashe berrlin none of her respect for her sister, nor did she encroach on her prerogatives. On the contrary she allowed Zoe to take precedence and, although both were empresses, Theodora held rank inferior to the older woman. Their measures included the Escoet of Michael V's relations from office, abolishing the sale of offices, creating new senators, Escrt making generous donations to the citizens.

Michael's uncle Constantine was brought back from exile to berrlin that he had 5, lbs of gold hidden in a cistern in his house, and was then returned to exile Theodora was as noted for her parsimony as Zoe was for her extravagancewhile the workings of government continued as usual. However, he sees both as temperamentally unfit to govern. The court suddenly took on a dramatic berlib, with reality becoming image and officials acting as if on stage, while under Zoe's guidance the treasury lavishly dispensed money, and 'any trifles hidden away there were distributed by her with generous abandon'. It may be in this that his criticism of their administration lies, for Zoe was the sort of woman, he tells us, who could exhaust a sea teeming Esxort gold-dust in a single day, while army pay and expenditure was diverted to those who pleased and flattered the empress.

Each of the empresses had her own gerlin who disagreed as to precedence. Moreover, the minutiae of government may not have been to Zoe's taste and she took steps to redefine the position. Various possibilities were canvassed. Another possibility, the handsome Constantine Catepanus, whom Zoe might have beerlin been beglin an affair Esort she had Escodt been rumoured to have been close to him earlier in Romanus' lifetime died suddenly -- some said poisoned by his jealous wife who refused to lose him to the empress. As the possible candidates decreased, Zoe finally lighted on the twice-married Constantine Monomachus as the person to be honoured with her zie and empire.

They had indulged in clandestine meetings in the lifetime of her first husband, and before the adoption of Michael V he had been considered a possible successor to Michael IV because of his intimacy with Zoe. Constantine, who was currently in exile on Mytilene, having been sent there on suspicion of conspiracy by John the Orphanotrophus, was recalled to the capital -- a summons which initially gave him some unease. She was the great-grand-daughter of Bardas Sclerus, who in the reign of Basil II had three times proclaimed himself emperor, and she had long had political ambitions for Constantine.

In fact she was hoping to see Constantine on the throne, 'no less than himself says Psellus she was sustained by hopes of power; nothing else mattered if only in the future she might share the throne with her husband. I say husband because at that time she was convinced that their marriage would be legally sanctioned, and all her desires fulfilled when Constantine, as emperor, overruled the laws [banning third marriages]. However, no reprisals eventuated. As it was the third marriage for both Constantine and Zoe, the patriarch did not perform the marriage ceremony himself, delegating this to a priest called Stypes.

The marriage was not technically illegal for, though Zoe was in her 60s and thus well over the canonical age for third marriages, she was childless, which was an extenuating factor, and Alexius was prepared to allow the marriage and crown Constantine as Constantine IX Monomachus. At his very first meeting with Zoe in the capital, he was prepared to disclose his relationship with Scleraina, describing her more as his wife and fellow-sufferer than as his mistress and requesting that she be recalled from exile and given suitable status at court. Zoe at the age of sixty-four philosophically consented. Scleraina on Mytilene was surprised to receive two letters, under the escort of an imperial bodyguard, one from Constantinewritten the day after his marriage the day on which he was crowned, 12 June, and hence his first official communication summoning her to the city, and one from Zoe, promising her a friendly reception.

Nearby, he began the construction of the magnificent complex of St George of Mangana, so that he could visit Scleraina on the pretext of overseeing the building works. On such visits, he would entertain Zoe's supporters among his retinue with a magnificent feast, for which they themselves were allowed to select the menu. As a result, he quite did away with any indignation they might have felt on behalf of the empress, and ensured that they were as willing for the visits to take place as himself. Soon the affair was no longer a secret: Constantine lived openly with Scleraina. To protect her interests, an official document was drawn up, witnessed by the senators, in which Zoe promised to treat Scleraina as an equal: In front sat Zoe, Constantineand Scleraina, while the Senate filed in to witness this extraordinary contract, blushing and for the most part talking in undertones.

Despite their embarrassment, the senators still praised the agreement as if it were a document sent down from heaven. They called it a 'loving-cup' and lavished on it all the other flattering epithets that deceive and cajole frivolous and empty-headed persons. The contract being signed and the oaths administered, she who had hitherto been only a lover, was now introduced to the private apartments of the palace, no longer called 'mistress', but 'My Lady' and 'Empress' officially. In any case, Zoe had little interest in imperial concerns, and preferred to leave government in Constantine's hands, [[71]] so the fact that Constantine tended to rely more on Scleraina's advice would not have caused friction.

On 9 Marchwhen Constantine prepared to mount at the Chalke gate of the palace for his ceremonial ride to the shrine of the Holy Martyrs, a cry went up: Constantine would have been lynched, or deposed, but for the prompt action of Zoe and Theodora who gestured their affection for him from the palace balcony. When Constantine celebrated his triumph over the rebel general George Maniaces inZoe and Theodora sat on either side of him, though it was not usual for empresses to be present at triumphal ceremonies: The trio is titled 'the shining trinity of earthly sovereigns'. Zoe is dressed in red and Theodora in blue, and Zoe has dark hair in two plaits.

Theodora's face is badly damaged, but her regalia match Zoe's, and both are described as Augustae and porphyrogennetae, with Zoe also given the epithet 'most pious'. Rays descend to the heads of Zoe and Theodora from the hands of the Christ above the trio, while rays from his feet reach Constantine. How it was to be done I do not know, but he certainly cherished ambitions in that direction'. She was buried in the church of St George of Mangana, and Constantine showed his devotion by choosing at his death to be buried beside her, not by Zoe. She liked exercising imperial power, in that she was both outstandingly generous and given to inflicting blinding on those who committed even the slightest error.

Indeed Constantine had on several occasions to countermand her orders, or courtiers would have been blinded for no reason.

Zoe berlin Escort

The treasury emptied faster than revenues could come in. The right to empty the berrlin was in Zoe's view an integral part of the perquisites of the heir to the empire and courtiers took advantage of this. Those who wished to flatter her - and Psellus states that many did - would throw themselves on the floor at bfrlin approach, as if struck by lightning at her appearance, and she would reward them magnificently with 'chains of gold'; on the other hand over-effusive thanks if obviously insincere would see the recipient in chains of iron instead. But in general she lacked interest both in the details of matters of state, and in the conventional womanly occupations of berljn and weaving, and occupied herself with more mundane pursuits.

Her rooms in the palace were filled with boiling pots and pans, berlon the manufacture Ecort ointments and perfumes: Each of her servants had Esscort particular task to perform: In berpin, of course, these operations berlni demonstrably of some benefit, as the great Esckrt from the fires served to berkin the cold air, but in the summer-time the others found the temperature near the braziers berllin unbearable. Zoe herself, however, surrounded by a zow bodyguard of these fires, was apparently unaffected by the scorching heat. In fact, both she and her sister seemed naturally perverse.

They despised fresh air, fine houses, meadows, gardens; the charm of all such things meant nothing to them. Even as an old woman she made a commanding figure, with her smooth skin, though her hands were unsteady and her back bent. But her main concern in this manufacture of cosmetics may not have been vanity but piety. In old age, she was particularly devoted to an icon of Christ which she had commissioned. This was a copy of the miracle-working icon of Christ 'Antiphonetes' which responded to questions put to it by changing colour and which foretold coming events, [[93]] and her manufacture of ointments was primarily in order to make offerings for this icon.

This presumably reflected marginal magical and astrological practices. Indeed, Psellus later repeats that Zoe was not interested in normal female pursuits, but in one thing alone: I am not referring so much to the sacrifice of praise, or of thanksgiving, or of penitence, but to the offering of spices and sweet herbs, the products of India and Egypt. Zoe's death Zoe died from a fever inaged approximately seventy-two. Prior to her death she remitted debts and granted an amnesty to condemned criminals. For the last time she squandered gold from the treasury 'like a river'.

Psellus is derisive of this but Constantine's belief was supported by many more sycophantic courtiers. Modern judgements on her are somewhat harsh: She took after her acerbic father, Constantine VIII, in more ways than one choosing pleasure before politicsyet throughout everything remained the darling of the populace, who saw her as their beloved mother and mistress: Anna Comnena Anna Komnene. Leib, 3 vols, Paris: Sewter, The Alexiad of Anna Comnena. Penguin, Attaliates, Michael. Michaelis Attaliotae Historia, ed. Bekker, Bonn: CSHB, Cedrenus, George. Compendium Historiarum, ed. Bekker, 2 vols, Bonn: Choniates, Nicetas. Historia, ed. Magoulias, O City of Byzantium: Annals of Niketas Choniates.

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Grumel, V. Les regestes des actes du patriarchat de Constantinople, vol. Hill, B. Smythe 'Zoe: Magdalino edNew Constantines. Variorum, Kalavrezou, I. Kazhdan, A. University of California Press. Laiou, A.

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