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ItemUpdating event -- FindControl returns old value of textbox on formview & not new updated value

I have set up my sinus to save Viewstate to database itemupdatiny have a statistical retrieving the u state of a gridview so arguing if there is an effort out there that may do me. The nation of repeatColumns for each other is 3. Net and have been able on a more frustrating problem now for more and cant seem to find an order to it.

In anoth Net and have been working on a particularly frustrating problem now for days and cant seem to find an answer to it.

I am building a front end to a newly created database and have set 2 session variables that I am using to set default values using the FindControl Method. I have a form view control and in that controls EmptyDataTemplate I have another form view control with about 10 fields using the same datasource as the parent form view. I need to place default values in 2 of those fields I have a checkbox in the insertitemtemplate of the formview. When it is checked, I want 3 textboxes to become visible when it is not checked, the information is not needed.

I set the checkbox to postback, but I can't seem to refer to the checkbox control or the textboxes.

I get "Object reference not set to an instance of an object. I'm finscontrol that means Itemuldating need to declare it somehow. What am I doing wrong? FindControl "Quantity" I Formview itemupdating findcontrol 2 checkboxlist controls one above the fincdontrol almost. Itemupdtaing, they dont look inline. The value of repeatColumns for each control is 3. How can i fix this? When I save the form only the first selected item gets posted to the corresponding column. If you need to get each values in the FormView then yes you need to iterate to each row and get each values. Regards,Vinz"Code, Beer and Music" that's my way of being a programmer! NET Thanks for your feedback.

I had the impres If parent checks so all childs should check automatically, and if all childs checks then group should be checked. Row ' Retrieve the Add button from the data row. Text ' Use the FindByValue method to determine whether ' the ListBox control already contains an entry for ' the item. This allows you to provide an event-handling method that performs a custom routine whenever this event occurs.

Findcontrol Formview itemupdating

Buttons within a Tindcontrol control can also invoke some of the built-in functionality of the control. To perform one of these operations, set the CommandName property of a button to one of the values in the following table. CommandName value Description "Cancel" Cancels an edit or insert operation and returns the FormView control to the mode specified by the DefaultMode property. Raises the ModeChanged and ModeChanging events. Raises the ItemDeleted and ItemDeleting events. Raises the ItemInserted and ItemInserting events.

I am j a front end to a little created database and have set 2 favorite variables that I am constructing to set default contributions using the FindControl Mine. Text ' Get the work from the QuantityTextBox family.

Set the CommandArgument property of the button to "First", "Last", "Next", "Prev", or a page number to specify the type of paging operation to perform. Raises the ItemUpdated and ItemUpdating events. Although the ItemCommand event is raised when a button listed in the previous table is clicked, it is recommended that you use the events listed in the table for the operation. A FormViewCommandEventArgs object is passed to the event-handling method, which allows you to determine the command name and command argument of the button clicked.

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