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Vintage Jockstrap Memorabilia including Advertisements, Packaging, Patent Drawings, etc.

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He continued adding to his sporting goods empire by purchasing his rivals instead of competing against them. This supporter was manufactured using synthetic rubber. Ditson each owned sporting goods stores Jocksrtap Boston in the late bttom. They were joined in the s by Alfred J. With the addition of Reach as a partner, the company name was changed to "A. Magazine ad from shows that the Bike No. Because rubber was needed for the war effort, this supporter contained no rubber. Waist size was adjusted by way of a metal ring attached to the back of the waistband. Produced by the Bike Web Manufacturing Co.

Wear the Proper Botto. Ciaccia, U. Navy Pre-Flight School, St. Mary's, California, dated 17 AUG No Sag! No Chafe! An early drug store display mannequin from the s. He's wearing an elbow brace, wideband supporter, knee brace and ankle brace. Ad for the Pal Athletic Supporter is from an Australian magazine circa Stall of Brockton, MA and C. Dean of Chicago, IL. Today the company is located in Carlstadt, NJ and sells athletic T-shirts, jackets, hoodies and caps. Found in an old store warehouse that closed in the s, this vintage Drusco Athletic Supporter is probably from the same era.

The box has period graphics of a baseball player, basketball player, golfer, tennis player, football player and a swimmer. It was manufactured by D. Taylor Company. This Extra Quality Suspensory Bandage from s England has a "ball bag" of very silky flesh-colored material. Marked areas show pain centers in the upper torso. Football Equipment Record from Shawnee-Mission High School, Merriam, KS, lists football equipment the players received "as a loan" at the beginning of Jockstrap bottom gif school year and indicates that the player promises "to return the same when called for, or pay for same at fair value.

This "Coaches and Trainers Handbook" from the Bike Web Company provided information on prevention and care of athletic injuries. Ad for the Litesome Body Belt and Supporter. This is the Bike No. In the mid s, boxes containing suspensories, jockstraps and abdominal supporters were often hidden under counters in small, family-owned drug stores. These display panels were rescued from a New York City drug store shortly before it was torn down. They feature full size samples of "Bub" Duribilknit athletic supporters, suspensories and other elastic goods mounted on 1' x 4' screen printed plywood. The panel on the left, a gift from one of my website visitors, was permanently sealed in a museum-quality Plexiglas display case and was given to the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of American History in Washington, D.

The J. Flaherty, Sr. In the mid s, Mr. Flaherty developed the "Bub" Duribilknit line. Bub supporters were the first to be made with continuous strands of strong surgical elastic; the first to be made by a process that prevented "creeping" of the elastic threads; the first to "custom fit" construction for added protection from strain and more serious injury; and the first to use a patented "flesh elastic" that prevented cutting and chafing. Charles Flaherty is also known as an innovator in the packaging of athletic supporters by openly displaying jockstraps on wire racks instead of hiding them under counters.

The lower-priced " Flarico " line, introduced in the s, is a good example. The Danskins dance belt is designed to support the genitals of male ballet dancers. Futuro Health Supports published a retailer's handbook in with pictures of their complete line of athletic supporters as well as a picture of the display stand furnished to retailers for the various Futuro products. Australian cricket champion Dennis Lillee autographed his Futuro athletic supporter.

Bottom gif Jockstrap

Packaging for the Futuro elastic waist band suspensory He continued exploring more supportive and comfortable materials and, in the s, branded the company name as "Futuro. Athletic supporter worn by 3' 7" Eddie Gaedel, pinch-hitter for the St. Louis Browns in If you think of what a police officer should look like, all tough and macho, this man would be it! While Debbie Jockstrap bottom gif the officer were talking, I was slowly undressing him in my head, imagining what he would look like naked, in my bed. Now, no one would have any doubt that I was fully aroused if they were to look at me at that moment.

It was a few minutes later when I saw Debbie walked back into her townhouse. Then I saw him looking at the offending townhouse and started to walk around the place a bit. My guess was he was checking out the location. Then, he turned around and started to scan around him to see this part of the townhouse complex. As he did that, his saw me briefly sunning on my lounge chair, and then he stopped and did a double take at what he saw! The effect of him looking at my almost-naked body made my dick even harder. There was no hiding it anymore.

This safe leather Perma-Bilt outline's wool guard was a sum for the hit vertex "Rocky" starring Sylvester Stallone. It regarded him only a few servers more before he testified.

He definitely could see my fully-formed erection. He continued to stare at me, and I wished that he would come closer so that I could take a better look at his crotch to see any tell-tale sign of a bulge forming. God must have been listening that morning, because sure enough, after I wished for that, the officer crossed the street and made his way towards me. Damn, it was deep and masculine. I pretended to be startled and lifted my head to look at him. He was even more handsome this close. And yes, in that split second, I detected a slight outline of his cock in his tight uniform pants.

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