Libra woman dating a virgo man

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Virgo Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

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But who knows. He was the first guy to ever make me cry. I was so in love with my Virgo Libra woman dating a virgo man for 9 months and I thought he was a really nice guy he was 3 years younger than me. When we were alone we couldn't get enough of each other. I trusted him so much but he cheated on me with one my friends not a close friend but still!!! I didn't know about it for 4 months after we broke up I found out what happened all our friends cut contacts with him and the girl that he cheated on me with! I still love him a bit not totally over him but I don't think I can ever take him back: Libra girls don't date a Virgo man they cheat and lie and leave you hurt broken x I am a Libra women and I seriously can not stand virgos, male or female!

So hypercritical! They annoy me soooo bad! Always judging, saying the most stupid insensitive stuff and even when told about how rude they are they either don't care or continue being rude! Always sounds like there trying to pick you apart or telling you off. They can be extremely stingy and Libra women like to be spoilt! I have totally given up on them and it wasn't just a couple of virgos it was a hell of a lot. As for the sex, I never got that far into things with them, I cut them off! Relationships should be enjoyable not irritating.

This is my personal opinion. I am not stating every single Virgo is this way. Me finding them annoying could be something to do with my chart as a whole. I do have a Virgo moon sign and I call it my only flaw lol! I have better luck with fire and air signs. Earth I find boring and water. All them emotions and diva fits make me feel uncomfortable! At first it was magical, he was the sweetest and it took us a month of everyday hanging out and talking even strip Wii tennis to actually have sex. The sex was and still is the best I've ever had minus the fact he claims he doesn't do the oral stuff although I do it to him.

He makes time, about twice a month to actually sex me and he responds if I hit him up but I'm just lost about what's up with him. I think this is apart of Virgos being liars and cheaters. Should I just leave him alone? We are 6 yrs apart.

Woman man Libra dating a virgo

For my dilemma, I just went and bought a toy. November 11th will be one whole complete year for us seeing each other and I am really happy about this. The last time I seen my sweetie was last week. I got dressed for work and he waited for me at the bus stop. Now when we first hooked up I was a little insacure about somethings because he has at least 14 years on me. I used to curse him out, I vandalized his property, I accused him of lying to me and being so secrect. But through all of my madness he has been so patient with me. However he does like to hide his feelings but we have a chemistry that is beyound explanination. I think I met the perfect one for me. I never said any thing about marriage to him but he always says that to me.

I am not a perfect person but I am learning how to be a good girlfriend to him and not only that just a good friend. Virgo men do like to have there space because they are so easy going and friendly and nice. I can't speak for all but my Virgo Libra relationship seems like it is working out ok. I can't really say what the future holds. I'm a Virgo man and for some reason, with Libras women I feel really insecure and vulnerable. It's not anything that the Libra woman does or doesn't do. It's just a chemistry thing. I met a very beautiful Libra woman while living with a Leo woman and we hit it off right away, although we never went past friendly conversation.

The relationship with the Leo woman ended badly and I was drifting around for a while, when out of the blue the Libra woman called me to tell me she was coming to my area to visit and if we could hook up. We did and that began a breif relationship that was good, but I always felt a bit jealous when we were around lots of people. I couldn't figure it out, because she was there with me and didn't do anything to make me feel that way. It made me feel out of character, because I was misinterpreting so many things that she was saying and misreading her all the time. We never argued about anything, but I felt we would not be a good match because of the weird feelings I was having.

We were out of touch for almost three years when suddenly she called me while I was overseas saying she worked really hard to find out where I was living and finally found me.

She told me I was the one and only guy that she could imagine herself being married to. The only problem Libea that she virgi pregnant but another guy, but insured me he wasn't doman to be in the picture. After the feelings I was having in our previous go-round, I couldn't imagine how insecure I'd feel around her knowing ma had a baby Libra woman dating a virgo man out there. Virgo-Libra would take a lot of work and as a man, the Virgo would have to face his insecurities and jealousy and work harder to understand the Libra woman. Libra woman LLibra Dated the most passionate, loving, caring Virgo man I have ever met.

He was very sweet, honest, and charming which probably was a bad point Virgo. We had a wonderful 5 month relationship until virg went down the drain. Sure we had our ups and downs but we usually fixed them and made up. But all went down when my ex virgo ignored me for a week and cheated on me and dumped me for a stupid excuse as in. He gave a back and forth hint daying would be back together but instead he just used me and found himself a better girl which I think is a capricorn. It hurts me when he pulled me along and just leaves me in the dust when he found someone better and is happy I suppose.

Nor do I fall in Love easily But I did fall in love with my ex Virgo. Because of the differences we had and the different out looks we had on life. Which pulled me into his world and amazed me greatly. But I guess he didn't think of the same. But honestly Virgos go both ways Or the most caring, sweetest, loving guys you could ever meet. Virgo men are awesome. They are mentally stimulating and really add a lot to the relationship. She will be the only person who can convince him to have different opinions and approaches on life. With a lot of love, the Libra woman can help the Virgo man relax. When around her, he will be calmer and more understanding.

While they will enjoy each other very much, they will still have to work a little bit on their chemistry. Because he can be unreasonable sometimes, this couple may have some serious arguments. Too criticizing, he can hurt her with a single word. But they will easily make up, and their life as a couple will be happy again. Final Advice for the Virgo Man and the Libra Woman The more they advance in the relationship, the more criticizing the Virgo man will grow. Follow this link to read a review I wrote recently on a book by a leading relationship coach. In this book, Anna Kovach explains in detail everything a girl needs to know about keeping her Virgo crush happy.

If you would like more information, you can read my review on Virgo Man Sextrology. The Virgo guy and his Libra lady are generally very trustworthy people and make a good combination. Compatibility is being open to the needs and wants of the partners. In the early stages of any relationship the sparks of passion will be flying, but keeping that attraction is the secret to an undying love for each other. Virgo male is not very romantic, but he is very devoted to his Libra female. They are a couple who attach high importance to a magnificent physical relationship. Still, he easily upsets her by his constant criticism of her. She needs to be radiant, and his criticism only blocks her radiance.

The biggest problem is getting this man to commit to being a husband. With increasing awareness, understanding and tenderness in the relationship, both the Libra woman and the Virgo man make up a relationship which is true at all levels of their life. They can laugh and cry, they can sink and dry and they can always make things go great for each other. The lovely Libra lady beautifully and tenderly convinces her Virgo man to choose to live a life that is happier and worry free and he gifts her with a life that has so much of devotion to be experienced with sprinkle of perfection in almost all matters of life.

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With careful thoughts and concerning deeds they make their togetherness a cherishing experience that lasts for years and make them a womqn couple. Together you can be a dream-team if you are aware of how each has strengths the other lacks. Neither ma you likes tantrums or conflict which is great, but the danger is that — for the sake of peace — you will avoid issues that need to be aired. The same goes for anger, which both of you tend to repress until it affects you negatively, and passion too, which you tend to avoid expressing as you feel silly and exposed.

Try to feel comfortable enough to lose control now and then, as letting off steam is what you both need. The Score When Virgo and Libra form a bond it can be an infinite poem of balance and harmony because both signs thrive on cooperation and synthesis. As long as there is respect for the different approaches you have to the life, you know that deep down you see things the same way, and there is immense potential for this stimulating relationship to bring out the best in both of you. She would like to be surrounded by a large group of friendsbut the Virgo man can be inhibited in company, and would much prefer to stay home alone with his lady love.

However, this might not be enough for the Libra woman. The Virgo man is much more guarded and takes a long time to build trust for strong friendships or any relationship really. His insecurities may draw in the more friendly sensitive signs who desire to help, but if judgment is all they get in return he is left alone. When he does finally get an enduring friendship going, he is loyal and dedicated to the end. He will never abandon you and is prone to overlooking your more minor faults as a unrevealed bonus to being so loved by him.

Intimate relationships reveal a whole new side of the Virgo man. Once he is confident and secure in the love of his partner, his adventurous and playful side can be teased out. Virgos are known to be extremely inhibited and downright boring in bed, but this is only half true. While getting the inhibited wall down can take some time, once it happens he will be far more open to experimentation.

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