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Map of Puerto Natales

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My host mom swears that their sliced meat is always fresher nxtales cheaper than at Unimarc. Instead, buy from one of the many Ropa Americana stores which is really just Chilean for second hand clothing. Worried about sizes?

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If you want pusrto traditionally-made boina the beret-like hat that gauchos wear in Patagoniawalk on the left side of Baquedano in the nagales away from Unimarc. A woman sells them out of her living room, and normally has a selection hanging in the window on the left hand side of the street. She uses wool from sheep raised near Dorothea, the ridge running along the border with Argentina just outside town. Where to party Maybe you want to celebrate surviving the day circuit trek in Torres del Paine.

mmoms Maybe you want to cut loose after three days spent in planes and busses to arrive. Matales in Natales is possible, but your choices are fairly limited due to the population. I spent my time walking between Baguales microbrewery on the Plaza de Armas and El Ruperto on Manuel Bulnes, because these are the two best bars in town. If you want to feel fancy in your new-to-you used clothes, head up to El Cormorant and sit in the panoramic bar with a Calafate Sour.

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Situated at a big bend in the road yes, Route 9 is the only major road in the regionHotel Rubens is the only landmark for miles between the small town of Villa Renovald and outskirts of Puerto Natales. It has simple rooms, some cabins, and a tiny cafe, but the real lure is the silence of the plains and the stars that come out in unbelievable numbers at night. The hotel is nice; very clean. We go and eat. The German girl is very interesting and entertaining. She kind of scares us a bit: After this 1h30 session, we go and buy some stuff: She indeed said that the most important thing was to protect the clothes for the evening: We go back to the hotel around 5pm.

Kids are asleep. We ln them up with difficulty. We chill a bit and then start to prepare our bags for the trek. More than just for the trek even: Fortunately, Isabelle helps us a lot she even sends us the list of what we need to take. The meat beef, lamb and pork is great. We go back to the hotel around 10pm. I work on the blog till Puerto Natales.

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