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Not all of them, but some big ones do. The Observer spoke to several smallish dating sites. None of them were willing to go on the record about it, but we can tell you that there are plenty of dating sites that neither pay a license to Spark, nor been approached about paying one.

The big sites are a different story. Egan explained. So, who knows how much IAC is paying or did pay, but—one way or another—the much larger company struck a deal with Spark. So it is fair to datiing that other dating sites license it. IAC pygs not respond to a request for comment on this story. This is the question that has been vexing patent types for some time, but patent experts feel that the Supreme Court finally answered the question last year with the unanimous Supreme Court Decision of Alice Corp. In that case, CLS Bank had software to serve as an intermediary in financial transactions, holding funds in escrow, work that financial intermediaries have been doing as long as humans have traded with money.

They do not. So does the Spark Networks matchmaking patent hold up in a post-Alice world? It depends on how you look at it. Nazer said.

Egan disagrees. Spark has something new in its patent, Mr. Johnny knows Frankie passed it to her. Giphy Mr. Looked at in that light, the suit looks eminently winnable for Spark Networks—whether they are legally justified or not.

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