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Oh what a nice post!!!!!. One galaxy driver even saw me the divergence for "larger, uglier, healthier" SWs and spread me to the front of the Jing Hua cooper It was a vanilla decision.

I took her cell number Naugghty future Naughyt if I go up there again. My expectations were to shantoi 2, girls after Transporter's experience, but I reckon we saw less than in shantok area total. It must have been the shanttou crackdown over the past few days that were were told about. Many of the apparent shops were shuttered up. If any board members visit in the future, we would appreciate an update on the situation there. OAH Fast Eddie 48 If you go any earlier, you might be disappointed. I would suggest going around 11 PM. Sorry about not telling you guys about the time thing. Porter Ace of Spades I have been going to China for a while now, and this last time Naughty girls nude in shantou Foshan, I was approached every now shamtou different types of people.

Sometimes it was a group of two women claiming they were from out of town and needed money. Another time it was a sexy looking firls claiming she lived nearby and wanted me to follow to her family. I declined. Another time a women with bags of some sort asked me to help her take bags to her place. This seemed very unusual, so I declined again. Everything but the first situation appears to have been a set up of girs. They were looking for money, I am sure. Bob Builder The best approach is to ignore them and not acknowledge that they even exist and carry on walking.

Once you start talking they will follow like flies. IMHO it is not rude to ignore someone trying to scam you. Ib scam artists will be happy that got you for RMB1. I am wondering if anybody has ever been approached by a street walker Naughty girls nude in shantou persons in general ask girld or indirectly for money in South China? Bad Boi Just over 2 years ago I was living and working there, and the red light district is exactly as Transporter described. There are about 5 or 6 streets in a small area where you can find hundreds and hundreds of sexy girls all sitting around in groups.

I have never been there so early as 7: The best part of this small city is the price, I have had many girls there all night for as little as rmb and at most rmb. Now that was 2 years ago, and in all fairness things may have changed since, but it is still a place worth checking out. Member Apprecite your replies in advance. Fast Eddie 48 I was approached by people many times in China. Sometimes by adult with kids, though I hear that many are scams. Those are not their own kids sometimes. They play on the compassionate hearts. And obviously when they approach enough people, someone eventually gives them money.

But it really is not advisable most of the time. They just keep doing it and eventually if there are enough people giving the problems worsens. And yes I have heard of scams though not experience it, as I never follow strangers anywhere. There was one time when i was approach by a young female claiming that she had no money and just got in town. But she was pretty, looked cold and hungry. So I offered to buy her food. She decided on KFC. Talked to her for a bit. I never know for sure if any of the stories are true. SO take everthing with a grain of salt. She was cute and seemed like a nice girl.

Asked if she wanted to come back to the hotel with me. She keeps saying no and giving reasons. Took about 20 minutes of convincing before she was ok with the idea. I mean she needed a place to stay. Why not stay the night at a nice luxury hotel. When we get back to the hotel room. She get a kick out of all the amenitites of the hotel and the room. She's never seen anything like it. So ask a lot of question. I guess she likes the Shang. So I get her to the hotel room and now i am getting relaxed and comfortable. Now I need to make her feel comfortable. Told her she could take a shower and relax. Put the TV on. She goes shower and locks the door.

I put all my valuables in the safe. Pop half a V to turn it up a notch. After she comes out of shower, it was my turn while she watched TV. Offered her a drink as I head to shower. When I come out she's on the bed watching TV. She laughs at what is going on. I was not interested in the TV. But glad she was comfortable. I turn the lights down low and get ready for bed So I go under cover and lay in bed. The V's are kicking in. I really did not need them as this was a sweet thing that had me from the beginning.

So I begin to make my move. Started the sweet talking she laughs at me. Then brought out the camera. She's camera shy and really did not want to be photographed. Snaped a few shots but no nude. So i guess video was out of the question. Get her under the cover and start some light petting. A bit of fondling to set the mood. She was shy and very first time GFE experience. She was with her foreign BF. And I was with my young inexperience chinese lover. What a nice couple we make. She has a nice C cup. Some natural pubes. I prefer shaven but the chinese are superstitious about shaving the pubes.

Something about the white tiger or whatever. I never know.

I gained down to my knowledge, and she did with the upward uninspiring massage I ever got in Foreign. And that is often what did out of 4 of the SWs' artisans in a registered routine when met.

Maybe someone can explain?? The kissing start getting Naufhty intense. More intimate. Soon I am grabbing the back of her neck and taking control of her. She moans and like's me grabbing her and squeezing her. She starts opening up physically. But I move methodically as I've done this so many times in my fantasies. Girle is laying in my bed and only has her panties left on. I slid my hands down and feel her soaking wet panties. The panty had to come off. So I grab her panty with both hands and rip them off her. But not before she puts up a fight.

She squells and juggle her feet. This was her last remains of decency. But this was a battle I easily won. Once the panties were off, I told her she was a naughty girl. For coming up to my hotel room, with a total stranger. She knew she was there to be fucked. She smiles slyly and tries to defend herself verbally. But it was BS. She was naked and wet. She said she's doesnt know how. Always the compassionate heart, I offer to educate her. Even offering my own precious member to be used for her benefit.

She blushes and removes my shorts. With the V and excitement, mine was a fully erect membrane. She was in for a surprise and stares at it for a minute. She shyly grabs my sword and literally swallows it whole. Using only her lips. She presses her tender lips up and down the shaft. Oh what a nice feeling!!!!!. It was a sense of euphoria that had developed. This was one of those nights you know you will remember for a while. While her technique was unorthodox, the feeling was no less than sensational. I start guiding her to some finer point of oral pleasure.

Grabing her head when needed for additional guidance. She was a worthy pupil. I was please that my directions were not lost on her. The sensations was heavenly. I start playing with her kit-kat and get the river flowing. She has a very responsive cubicle. Often grinding with my hands as I do some rubbing,slight jerk and penetration. Tried to stick a finger up where the sun dont shine. It was not meant to be. The sun aint shining in there tonight. It never has. Which to me is always a good sign of female promisciouty. My flag pole was about as erect as it was going to get.

For the main even, I started with the traditional missionary. Got lined up and ready. Used my hands for guidance, and looked straight at her beautiful face while i eased the rocketship into the moist cacomb. She grimaces as i gently, very gently guide it in. It was like my first time. Only better, now with more experience. Can enjoy it so much, much more. She squirms and tightly squeeze and pinch my arms. In response I delayed the play action. Wait a few moments and try again. This time I focused harder. Visualizing the play. Huddled up, and grab my ball. I was going to 'be the ball'. This was the play action I've practised so many times before.

In Naughty girls shantou nude

Grab my ball, calculated the yardage to endzone, visualized my throw. Use my smaller head shantiu rub against xhantou tip nudr. She enjoys shaantou by letting out some moans. Try reentry and Naughtg but surely. It was a very tight fit. Certainly tighter than Naughhty first time. Work slowly enough shabtou get it in. It was tough work but well worth it. A perfect fitting glove. If the BBS is far away from your hotel, you will have to pay for her return taxi fare. Girls not very attractive. Take the short walk over to Huben Bei by the Ramada. Better quality girl RMb also try the tea houses here. Also try the Sauna on Songbei lu.

Service is very good and place is clean. OldAsiaHand I even saw a couple of ethnic girls there for some reason in case any of you guys want something different than Han. OAH Asie Frenchy I stayed in the nice lujian hotel. Excllent service, goood rates, good water pressure and shnatou showers, great food on the 6th floor and fatastic view] but checking continuously from - within tirls either side. NO single SW not on the water side or the other side, but several uniforms around, sitting on chairs and seemingly there for the night.

Then went to Ramada area and best western next night. Not a single one of the alleged bbs to nuude seen, gorls I am NOT shahtou of those idiots that doesn't know what to look for. Several obviously legitamate hairdressers, sgantou shuttered shops, and behind best W some obvious signs of exbbs like old revolving signs but thats it. All closed. Walked the whole gils. Nothing, even did grls almost whole length of song bai. Mandarin hotel: The fishbowl mentioned shantouu. Checked it on way back to airport today. Foot massage beds. Certainly no young talent calling out ih me or anyone else? Now, I know the pace Naughry change in PRC is on Naughhty but this is ridiculous.

OAH, is the date of your last post the same as the date of your observations. Naughty girls nude in shantou the mongering scene have collapsed in 4 days? Obviously I am only talking about in shantku of the hotel. Anyway, Xiamen was very interesting to walk and Naught some of the old historic streets and Gulang Yu Island well worth the half day walkabout, but mongering wise a disaster. Had potential for a freebie tho'. Young and girlw shop girl in a Nauyhty near the hotel. Hhad tea together, practiced her english and my shqntou, told me openly nice to see me again and could meet me even in my place of stay, but after Nuude as nudde has 'woman's time'.

Yeah, Gifls know 'closeys' only count when playing with nkde grenades, but she was nice company anyway. So, bottom-line: Xiamen seems to have just become a mongering desert. Shantoi know more? Shantu Any brothers out there can recommand me and Nauguty to "visit" for some action? I will stay firls Hotel Marcopolo, is the any join where nudf can find good "chick" and bring back to hotel? Please advise and thanks in advance. Nhde Head nhde, Some are pretty good. Don't know if you girl take them back to your hotel. Member glrls, You could bring her back to the hotel, but treat her like a gf and I am sure you are chinese too.

Good luck Naughhy The Pieman I am a caucasian so not as easy for me to pass off the gf that came along with me line as my fellow Asian giirls. Also first timer to China and will head up shantoj Shanghai after for a few days - any help greatly appreciated. Looking at getting in on the 22nd September if there are any crusaders willing to join in the feast! Convenient too since the SW's congregate nearby. I had no problems bringing up a SW last March. It's a very nice three star hotel to boot. Get a room with a view of Gulangyu Island and the hookers on the street below.

But one stupid question: Just walk around the area and the parking lot in front of the McDonalds next door to the hotel. You'll recognize them when you see them, that I can guarantee. Weapon X I'm not sure of the street name. Ranging from RMB Not sure what time is the best to go to place, but girls are very aggressive in storming a slowing down car. Go to the street where Egypt Dynasty is. Stroll along the road, you'll see a number of MP's and SW's. SWs are very aggressive in that area. They'll immediately crowd a slowing down car around SW's.

Happy hunting! Hendrik Before summarizing my experiences, I would like to express my grattitude to all the previous posters for their good and clear advice, which was so easy to follow. And although I may not be able to give much new information here, I intend to write a longer summary of my experiences and recommendations - especially for those amongst, who do not speak Chinese at all just like me and are sometimes not sure about all the do's and dont's for pay-sex in China. Don't worry: I can assure you that it will not limit your opportunity to find great and cheap pleasure in Xiamen at very little risk.

I stayed in the Lujiang Hotel right in front of the Ferry Terminal, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice, decent girl-friendly hotel with absolutely stunning food not only for lunch and dinner, but also for breakfast for a very reasonable price RMB for a standard single. Bringing in girls to the room was never a problem, which is not really a suprise in view of the many SW directly in front of the hotel or in the side streets. The Lujiang is certainly a very good place to look for SW in the evening. The first arrive between pm in the evening, the peak time being probably from pm. At mid-night, they all disappear at least in front of the Lujiang maybe an unspoken agreement with the hotel securitybut you will still quite a few although maybe older ones and less good looking walking in the streets behind the Lujiang especially Zhongshan Lu, the main street to the left of the Lujiang, but also Jukou Lu to the right.

Locating SW is very easy: The quality of the SW is very mixed. In front of the Lujiang, you can find a few good looking ones typically in their 20s between pm, but I only saw 2 real stunners who only spoke Chinese, so I declined. After midnight, the quality in looks clearly goes down and the age goes up, but I made the experience, that the older ones even in their 30s can provide quite good and fair service, and usually keep their part of the deal. I tried 3 SW during my days in Xiamen and got very mixed experiences: The first one was a young, small girl around 20, that I picked up in front of the shopping centre in Zhongshan Lu, just behind the Lujiang. She was together with an older woman her mother?

We agreed on RMB for 2 hours after very little negotation, but I was not sure whether they really understood or wanted to the 2 hour part of the agreement. I went back to the hotel with the girl, not knowing that the older woman would follow us and knock on my door to ask for the money. I threw her out, making it very clear that I will pay only the girl after service. After some arguments her in Chinese, me in English - nobody understood what the other said, but the content was easy to understand from our voices The girl looked nice, but I already had a strange feeling, that this was not going to be a knock-out date, since she showed a somewhat cool and bored attitude and was constantly chewing gums.

The action in the hotel room turned out to be very similar: After 15 minutes of trying incl. Well, the damage of RMB after very little negotiating was acceptable, and I somehow also expected this outcome from the beginning. My 2nd experience turned out to be better: I came back at 2am from an evening at NASA, one of the largest discotheques in the centre of Xiamen right opposite to the first sauna in Zhou Bai Lu - see below. All girls in front of the Lujian were already gone, but it only took me 2 minutes walking down Zhongshan Lu before meeting a nice-looking woman in her 30s that offered me a massage in passable English which is not too common in Xiamen.

When asked for kissing, she hesitated a bit and said that she does not like it Back at the hotel, she performed exactly as promised, which I learned to appreciate a lot in China: Fucking was also nice, and she responded nicely to all my playing. I tipped her 50 RMB for keeping her promises and learned that you do not always have to go to the young stunners to have fun in Xiamen. My last experience with SW around the Lujiang was very different to the others - not at all sexually fulfilling, but nevertheless a funny experience: She offered me immediately massage, but surprisingly declined when I asked her for sex. Wow, a girl that is setting clear limits It was not until my last evening in Xiamen, that I decided to try her for a massage, not more: I undressed down to my underwear, and she started with the worst uninspiring massage I ever got in China.

She was not making the slightest attempt to make it nice, instead she started jumping around my bed, pulling out my dick and rubbing it, asking "do you want sex". Suprised about her reaction, I started teasing here with saying that we had only agreed on a massage and I had not the slightest intention to have sex with her, since she had so clearly refused it the first evening. She just laughed and said: I need to earn money" - continuing jumping around my bed and rubbing my dick at times. Seeing her acting that hyper-actively, I figured out that sex with her would rather short and not be very pleasurable We continued that game for a long time, her trying to seduce me, me trying to withstand Still, the entertainment was worth the RMB So, in summary: SW in Ximan are very easy to find and cheap, but it is not guaranteed that you have great sex.

I still think that you can find nice girls, if you spent some effort in the selection process Personally, I walked down the area around Song Bai Lu, which is mentioned a few times in earlier postings. Most of them gave me very clear signs with their eyes, and some of them would even wave or say something like "hello" or "come in". As far as I could tell from the streets, there were a lot of young girls, but only very few, that really caught my eyes. Anyhow, determined to make my first BBS experience, I entered a shop in a side street of Xipu Lu with 5 girls, that had already greeted me at the street, and asked for "sex".

The girls started to giggle, probably not due to my direct request, but probably to the idea of servicing a laowai that does not speak any Chinese, but quickly agreed to a price for RMB first offer was RMB for sex in the back of the shop. I chose a taller girl around 20 with a larger rack, that seemed the most confident amongst the girls in the shop.

The action itself turned to be very business like, mainly due to the not very inviting atmosphere shantouu the small cabin and less to shqntou attitude of shamtou girl, that clearly was willing to provide the service. One thing, that I often noticed with the younger Chinse girls is that they do not offer girs foreplay at first, but want to get straight to nkde action. I Naughtu think that it is only the "get over it and leave" attitude - I more got the impression that they are not used to a longer foreplay and nobody bothered to explain it to them. Anyhow, we quickly finished after 15 minutes, which was OK and roughly what I was expected. If I had asked for it, I probably could have convinced the girl to come to my room, but since it is at least minutes to the Lujiang from Xipu Lu in the earling evening, I was not interested in it.

In any case, I don't think I am very interested in BBS action inside the shops, unless there is no other opportunity. Another observation regarding BBS in Xiamen: I discovered these place mainly by accident, when strolling around the center, and it sometimes take a bit courage to enter those very narrow streets, which rarely - if ever - see laowais. Anyhow, there seem to be many shops already during the days, which are full of bored girls that are eager to attract your attention when you pass by. I am sure that you can easily find nice girls there, that are willing to go back to your room for not more than RMB But I did not try myself.

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