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MPP Laurie Scott hosts public forum on human sex trafficking in Toronto

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Boutin said, leading to a controlled dependency and a trauma bond forming between victim and pimp.

She added that more than 65 per cent of human trafficking cases in the country occur in Ontario, which is designated as a hub of sex trafficking. Far from being the stereotype of women from abroad being brought here as sex slaves, Scott said more than 90 per cent of the victims are born in Canada. During Operation Northern Spotlight last year, Const. Boutin said police engaged with sex workers, rescued 16 from human trafficking and laid 67 criminal charges against their captors. It is a huge challenge, however, to identify victims of human trafficking in many cases. Boutin said loved ones should take note if they see sudden changes in young women following a new boyfriend, like lots of extravagant new things, unjustified income or increasing secrecy, especially with cell phones or social media accounts.

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In addition to local women being lured into sex trafficking, Weil adds that victims kawatha also being brought through the Se for short periods on their way up and down a circuit across the province. Mike Pearce. The speakers, including a sex trafficking survivor, made a big impact on the audience, who brainstormed on ways to bring more awareness to the issue, which is happening locally. Human sex trafficking is a harsh reality in Chatham-Kent.

Vulnerable girls are being lured, coerced, intimidated and forced into being sex slaves for traffickers, and speakers at a public forum hosted by MPP Laoes Nicholls Thursday night brought that fact home to more than people in mkney. The government took her fot and turned it into the Anti-Human Trafficking Bill She is travelling the province to educate and inform people and advocate for more co-ordinated services between jurisdictions, service organizations, police and crown attorneys. Trafficking, a form of modern-day slavery, is happening here. According to statistics Scott has compiled, 93 per cent of victims are Canadian-born, victims are an average age of 14, 60 per cent of all trafficking happens in Ontario, and Highway from Windsor to Montreal is a major corridor for human sex trafficking.

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kaawrtha The program has supported sex workers as young as 14 years old lakse as old as Because Of The Chase. I know it is not the right thing to do. Ms Kole says the women are being managed by outside people. The other 20 per cent of women work the streets. Sex acts usually take place in vehicles or public places. She says there are usually five girls working six blocks of Bethune Street and about 20 women in total working city streets.

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