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She's Dating the Gangster

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I barely got through chapter 15 and this story has 50 chapters if I'm not mistaken. The characters had the potential to be good but they were really poorly described and written.

Wattpad Shes dating the gangster search pdf

Plus, it was really irritating to see various emoticons. And by emoticons, I Shs not mean the simple cating. Some sentence were in Tagalog then the next was in English then later some Korean expression will be inserted. There were words that really bothered me. I think it was the word "hindi". Instead of using the correct spelling, she used "hinde" and it's so annoying to read. There were too many imperfections of this story but I won't mention them all. Most importantly, I felt like this "book" doesn't have a plot. Okay, it has one but it was too confusing and indirect.

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I really resisted the urge to just leave the story unfinished. I really wanted to stop reading. But I wanted to see what everyone was talking about. I thought that with every chapter that I finish, the story would at least progress and slowly develop to reach the climax and main conflict but there were too much "filler chapters". A lot of chapter was unnecessary. This story shouln't have been published into a book. Best Seller for Boston Celtics. Fire Gajgster with Pdff Ladder Cutout. I cant shes dating the gangster pdf wattpad tagalog to play with all of you.

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