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You get to play the newest version of CHT a month ahead of the rest of the world! While building caghouse bridge, the knight must dodge a dragon's fire, an alligator swimming in the moat and a little gremlin with a big mouth to bite the knight's penis off. Add a character of your design to the clientele the Cathouse serves! Also wandering the streets are police officers ready to capture you.

Sex. The playaround cathouse

You run out of lives and the game is over. See what's in the works with access to all our WIP images. However, there are empty houses with alarms that can stun him temporarily. Playaround Save Playaround was formed from the ashes of Mystiquethe first Atari adult video game company. Help shape the future of the game! In Cathouse Blues, you play a man on a mission to find and score with 7 different women in a large neighborhood and you get paid after you find the right house. To discuss The Cathouse Tale, join us on the forum!

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In Jungle Playxround, the roles are reversed and you play a woman who lactates the fire out. Every cathuse animation we make will be delivered straight from design to your inbox as a movie file! Includes Discord rewards. Have your own custom lines added to CHT, either for your own enjoyment or the game at large! Comes with an exclusive channel on the Discord to discuss! Also on hand is a mugger who steals all your money if you run into him.

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